Thursday, May 10, 2012

random photos

So there are often photos I/we take that I love but aren't necessarily worthy of a blog post. While we were in St. George, there were several photos taken (mostly by my sister Danielle) that fall into that category. So I thought I'd throw them all together. Random photos with random descriptions.
My mom and sisters are expert roll rollers. I stink at it. Lumps of shapeless dough. Loaves of bread I can do. Rolls, no. So my mom and sisters were rolling rolls (it's seriously a tricky art), and Don Don asked Belle if she'd like to help, thinking she'd have Belle help her weigh the dough balls. But then sweet Belle started rolling. I watched her help. In her face was a mixture of pride and wonder. It was one of those priceless moments. She tried so hard, and she got a few lovely - and lumpy - rolls out of it, which of course, my mom was all too happy to throw in the oven with the perfectly round ones.

Lou and Annalise are four months and one day apart. For this reason, they're destined to be BFFs. I've decided. Already, you can tell they want to play with each other. Or maybe eat each other as both of them enjoy tasting the world to fully experience it. Rissa put Liser in the exersaucer to play, and before we knew it, Lou had crawled over and started playing with her. I think Lou was excited to find a friend that would willingly share with her (her sister isn't so polite usually).
Annalise a little bit loves Annabelle. Here they are hamming it up at Nielsen's Frozen Custard.
We went to THE CAROUSEL again. (By the way, my sister Kristen and I have decided that it should always be referred to as THE CAROUSEL in all caps. It's just THAT AWESOME.) This picture cracks me up because it's so Belle. Just chilling on "the bench," not the actual horses. By herself. I should also mention that THE CAROUSEL became a major bargaining tool while in St. George. As in, "If you put on your clothes without kicking and thrashing, you can ride THE CAROUSEL!"
It was the perfect temperature in St. George for snow cones. Don Don took Belle all by herself one day, and they sat on the grass and licked their cups clean. Okay, Belle never ever finishes a snow cone. But you get the idea. I love how special Don Don makes my babies feel, like playing with them is the only thing she has on her agenda for four days straight.
I love this picture because you can really see our eyes. So drastically different right? And yes, those would be crow's feet. It's called thirty years old.
A blurry scrunch face. I think if we all smiled like this at each other, we'd all be a lot happier. Girl is just the happiest thing on four legs.

Annabelle took this shirt to St. George for a specific reason: to show Don Don because she knows she loves horses (she rode English until she got a back injury doing it). When we got there, Don Don was wearing a horse shirt. Belle was thrilled and made me change her shirt so they could match.
My sister found this Lalaloopsy dress-up on sale at Wal Mart and had to buy it. Belle was so excited to dress up like that big headed doll we've come to love. But then she said it was scratchy. Which secretly relieved me because I bet I'll never have to convince her out of the outfit to go to the store.
Lou Lou found a girlfriend. For realz.
Liser can be a moody little thing. But when she's happy, boy howdy, SHE'S HAPPY. Look at that round little face of love. And let's not talk about her skin tone. It makes my babies jealous.
Just standing around. Because why not? She can take a few steps without sitting or falling down. Ack.
We seriously wore Annabelle out every single day in St. George. There's just way too much fun to be had and she pretty much refuses to nap. She hasn't slept like this - on my chest, limp with exhaustion - since she was just a baby. I have to admit, I didn't mind one bit.

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singingrae said...

First, you look beautiful in these pics.

Second, I'm HERE! In Utah! And I want to play! When are you coming to S.G. next?

Can't wait to see you and your beautiful girls.


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