Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the mountains are calling

So for a while there, we had a very busy daddy. And while he did a very good job of finding evening hours for his girls, it was a rough go for a while. Lately, things have eased up a bit, and he's been home most evenings. Naturally, we've headed to our favorite spot (The Temple Quarry Trail at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon) on several occasions to walk and talk and decompress. We've also been house hunting like mad (and failing like crazy, good times), and this little trail and the proximity to the mountains is the primary reason we've decided to stay in area we're renting in. There's something incredibly renewing about walking where the trees have been talking for decades. And as you can tell, our girls are right at home in these rocks and trees. And I'm so glad they are. I hope that even when technology tries to take over their lives - and let's be honest, it has in many ways already - they'll remember the mountains and return over and over like we love to do.


lichelle said...

Ahhhh...I had been needing a PHOTO dump.

I miss those babies like crazy.

Oh and you too. ;)

eclaires said...

You know, I've NEVER been to the Temple Quarry Trail... I think I need to rectify that sometime this year before it closes.


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