Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's been said

{while reading the picture scriptures}
I'm tryin' to find the Lamanites! Oh, here they are.
{note the speaker}
Belle: Ah-choo! Ah-choo!
Belle: Oh, excuse you!
Belle: You're excused.
{to me, while playing}
So how's your morning day? Is it pretty noxious? Or pretty happy.
Me: We need to go home and clean because our apartment is a dirt ball.
Belle: No it's not! There is no dirt, and there is no balls!
{after I sing The Man of La Mancha}
Belle: You are NOT the man of La Mancha, Mom.
I'm the GIRL of La Mancha.
And Daddy's the MAN of La Mancha.
{while the girls bathe}
Me: Don't pour water on Lou's head, please.
Belle: Okay. I willn't.
Belle: Okay Mom. What's this animal?
Me: A frog.
Belle: GOOD JOB MOM! Now try this one. What's this?
Me: A giraffe. WOW! Great job Mom!
{and so on...}
{while playing "I Spy" in the car}
Belle: I spy with my little eye something that is blue on your legs...
Me: Um, is it maybe my...shorts?
Belle: YES! Mom, you got it! Good job! Okay, now your turn.
Belle: What are we doing?
Me: We're driving to Target.
Belle: I don't wanna go to the red store!
{while reading her special reading books, to Lou}
If you touch my books I'll be very uh-set at you! These are VERY SPECIAL books!
{as we drive to the Natural History Museum to meet friends, one of which is a boy just older than her}
I think I'm gonna hold his hand...{to herself}...I dunno...Yeah, I think I am.
{while visiting her great grandma, whom we haven't seen in a while}
So....Gram....what have you been doing?
{she often does this adult conversation thing and cracks us up like crazy}
{when Grandpa met us at Temple Quarry Trail}
Papa! Did you choose to come meet us?!
{while teaching me how to do "bones" and "park it"}
Me: Like this?
Belle: Yes. That is correct!
{singing to the tune of A Spoonful of Sugar}
Just a spoonful of Nutella makes the sugar go down!
{no truer words...}
Belle: Mom, do you know what kind of dog this is?
Mom: No, what kind is it?
Belle: It's fat. This dog is fat.

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