Tuesday, September 4, 2012

swiss days

Labor Day weekend means Swiss Days for the Cheney family. It's an annual tradition and one that every single one of us anticipates and gets fairly giddy about. The girls spend a fair amount of time shopping at the Swiss Days fair, filling their bags with baubles and earrings and random crafts that Pinterest could totally make. The boys spend time vegging and watching babies. And the babies - they play. And play. And run until their hearts are so happy, they collapse in a heap of exhaustion. We also all spend a good amount of time eating. The food is just SO DANG GOOD. I literally cannot stop eating while I'm up there.

I also ran the Swiss Days 10K with my redhead sister-in-law Kim, my first race in years. The race started at 7 a.m., and we woke up to a giant thunderstorm at 6 a.m. Undaunted, Kim and I stood under an awning until it was race time, at which time, the rain suddenly cleared and we ran. This was probably my most favorite race I've ever run. Because we ran for fun. At one point, we were literally stopped, bent over with laughter. We didn't try to push too hard, just faster than the four-year-old running the race with us (literally). And it was perfectly lovely. Such a beautiful race. The leaves have already started changing up there, and it was just perfect.

Of course, I have no pictures except these crazy ones of me seeing how excited Loula was to see me when I got back. And the true comedy is I did not eat that donut. Freals. I brought it home for my husband. Nevertheless, it looks like I just ran a race and shoved donuts in my face. (In truth, I've been gluten free for about two months now!)

Anyhow, here's a mini photo dump. Oh Midway. We love you.

For fun, here is Belle running in this very field last year. Albeit without as many articles of clothing. 

And for fun, here is Belle driving this very same car and this very same age in this very same place (two years ago).

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Whit C said...

can't believe i missed it! i am documented in some way in the other posts of the cabin and swiss days and not at all in this one... so depressing! but I'm defiantly glad you guys still stuffed your faces even without me! :) looks super fun! :)


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