Thursday, September 8, 2011

we're baaaackkk

Oh hey. Remember me?

As it turns out, being a mom of dos is kicking my trash. Add an awesome breast infection to wipe one out completely (seriously - having a fever as an adult is pretty freakin' ridiculous) and some overmedicating of the thyroid (love that defunct organ, love it), plus a little post partum mixer, and you've got one total nut job.

Some people cry a lot when they're pregnant. No, I cry after the baby comes out. All the time.

Anyhow. We're still here. We spent the weekend in Midway at "Gram's special house," as Belle calls it, a cabin that the Cheneys have had in the family for a few decades. We were there for Swiss Days, a huge art and craft festival, but because of one infant's constant need to eat and the unfortunate condition that is breast feeding (less of a fan than ever), I was pretty much stuck at the cabin. However, it was quite lovely. And just what I needed really. An excuse to sit around and let my hormones swirl quietly (or not quietly). There is something about getting away to relax, even just 30 minutes away, away from the Internet and my Google Reader that is good for the soul.

It was good for everyone. Take our Belle, the girl who would live outside if she could. The best part about the cabin is the wide expanse of land behind it. Wide open spaces. And as far as she was concerned, they were wide open space made just for her.
{feeding Papa some hay}

One morning, I left the kids to Jess and Grandma so I could get ready. When I was done, I looked out the window to see what was going on. And I grabbed the camera and ran.
Because I'm pretty sure life doesn't get any better than this.

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Kathy said...

Two kicked my trash too...My first was so easy and I literally had not a second of adjusting to motherhood. I silently wondered what other people's problems were that they thought being a mom was hard or exhausting. Then my boy arrived and he was sad and gassy and didn't sleep. He ate every two hours AROUND THE CLOCK. I was a walking zombie. I loved him. I loved my oldest. I loved my husband. But I was so TIRED that I could hardly function. I finally understood what many moms learned the first time around. Yes, kicked my trash is a good phrase for it. Somehow you pull out of it and you get your groove back. In the meantime, rely on those around you, and know that it is ok to take 5 minutes for yourself every once in a while. :) Keep your chin up, girly, you can do it. Promise it does get better!!


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