Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Oh, heee-eeyyy!
Remember me? All three of you?
Turns out we were in Hawaii.
For ten gloriously sunshiney filled days.
Turns out I pretty much unplug while I'm there.
Turns out, it's marvelous.
And turns out we are all now getting a 
mighty fine visit from Mr. Jet Lag.
Boy howdy.
In the mean time, a few photos 
for the grandma and the aunties.
And to remind me that I was 
indeed warm a few days ago.
Oh, Hawaii.


eclaires said...

1. You beat me to a Hawaii post. :)
2. "Boy howdy?" Really? ;)
3. Lou is looking so much older! She's certainly growing up.
4. Oh, warm air. Wonderful humidity! Green shrubs. Let's go back.
5. Um, love the leash. :) My mom tried to use one with my brother when he was about Lou's age. He would NOT have it. He promptly dropped to the ground, lying lifeless, forcing her to drag him instead. Needless to say, the leash didn't stick around.
6. You look great in that cute swimsuit! Seriously. I like it.
7. I love reading your blog.

Suzannah said...

Aren't you so glad to be back to the land of snow? I'm glad you are back at least:) Your kids look so happy! Bring on the spring.


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