Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it's been said

{oh, yes, they're back...}

Me: I think I'll just gobble you up. I really think
you'd just taste so good!
Belle: No Mom. No Mom. I wouldn't! I'd taste white!
{bwah ha ha ha ha}
Me, to Lou: Do you feel crummy?
Belle: What?! She's not a little crumb!
Me, singing: Silent night, Holy night...mother and child...
Belle: Hey, that's like us (pointing) Mother and child!
Lou: {spazzy fit of joy}
Belle, pointing to Lou: Mother and child and CRAZY PANTS!
Me: Put your toys away please.
Belle: But why?
Me: Because I said so.
Belle: But what does so mean?
Belle: What's Daddy doing up there?
Me: Unclogging the drain in the tub. Mommy has to stay far 
away because hair clogs make her vomit. 
Especially when it's someone else's hair. It makes me want 
to throw up just thinking about it...
Belle: Yeah me too. I'm growing up so tall just thinking about it.
{insert died laughing}
{while shopping}
Belle: Mom, I REALLY want this shopping cart. Mom I really really really want this doll.
Me: You just want everything don't you.
Belle: I just want everything here that's beautiful.
{while playing with Lou}
Lou: Mine! MINE!
Belle: Mom, she should just said, "Oh, no you don't take that, 
that's mine. Don't you take that!"
Me: She said all that?
Belle: {laughs}
{after burping}
Whoa! I just burped and spicy white water flew out my nose! 
{while playing and imitating Blue's Clues' format I think?}
Today we are spending time with...our cash money!
{our what?}
I'm cracking my marbles up!
{while playing with my old Barbies}
Belle: Hey look!
Me: Uh, where did Barbie's clothes go?
Belle: She's going swimming.
Me: Oh, right. So doesn't she need a swimming suit?
Belle: No, swimming suits make her hot.
Me: Oh great.
Belle: So she's going BUTT NAKED!
Maybe we can babysit my friends when their mother and 
father go to a concert or show or something like that?
{the grown upness of this sentence kills me}
{as she prances around in just a skirt, no shirt}
Okay, I've got my 'spectable shirt on! Let's go!
Oh, look at the tinkling star!
{watch out! :) }
Belle: No Lou NOOO!
Me: What's going in there?
Belle: She wants your cracknutter! (nutcracker)
{insert i die}
{speaking of Brave, the movie, in which the 
characters speak with a Scottish accent}
Belle: Merida wants to change her feet Mom.
Me: Her feet? What? Um. Oh, I think she wants to change her fate.
Belle: No, her feet. She wants new feet.
{after I unsuccessfully made a trip to Big-O Tires and returned home}
Me: The tire store is closed! Can you believe it!?
Belle: No! That's ree-dic-lee-us!
{one toy to another}
You are not being 'spectable! You are being mean!

These photos are from our Yellowstone trip in September (here and here). 
Realistically speaking, I'm never going to catch up, so I thought I 
might as well start using photos.


danielle said...

oh, I just love her.

Nicole said...

Hair clogs...hilarious. Don't worry, starting to lose handfuls of hair.


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