Friday, April 19, 2013

cherry blossoms: to be or not to be

So the cherry blossoms. We went to D.C. for the cherry blossoms. The night we arrived, we drove straight to the Tidal Basin, just to see. And we saw a whole lot of nothing. Tight tiny buds on cold, wind-blown trees. We didn't give up hope right away, but as the cold days kept coming, we knew our chances were slim. The rangers were predicting a couple more days. We thought our extension of four days would do it. Nada. The fates weren't having any of it. That said, by the last day, there were a few trees in bloom. When I say a few, I literally mean a few. Five at most. But we strolled under those naked trees and meandered through the festival happenings. And we still just loved it all. 

The girls drew pictures on the Friendship Mural. The idea was that you paste a picture drawn by Japanese children next to yours, but mostly it was just a giant free-for-all with kids drawing all sorts of randomness, mine included.

They also posed in the beaver booth, which kind of cracks me up. This little beaver is the representative of the festival. He reminds everyone to NOT PICK BLOSSOMS. Yet, you'd be surprised, which always drives Jess and me crazy. The blossoms have a tiny tiny shelf life. Drives me nuts to see them pulled down before people can enjoy them.

Even though the Tidal Basin wasn't in full swing like years gone by, we still loved it. We're sentimental fools when it comes to these trees, and we were just happy to be there.

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