Tuesday, April 23, 2013

it's been said

So I've got a handful of cute pictures left over from DC. 
And I have a handful of hilarious things my kids have been saying. 
I thought I'd throw the two together, and here you have it. :)

{while playing with the play kitchen}
Belle: Here Lou. I made you some breakfast!
Lou: Cake coo!
Belle: You're welcome.
Lou, tasting a fake eggplant: Ewwww gross!
{Belle dies laughing}
Belle: Okay, what should I draw?
Lou: Puppy!
Belle: Okay, how's that?
Lou: Oh cooooot. A cat.
Belle: You want me to draw a cat?
Lou: Uh huh.
{and so on...}
{while playing restaurant}
Belle: What can I get you?
Lou: blsdkljfrlankelnflks;as;dlkjf {Japanspanglish}
Belle: Oh, french fry salad?
Lou: Uh huh!
Belle: Okay, I'll go get it.

{while drawing}
Watch how brilliant I do this Mom.
{while eating a chocolate chip cookie Daddy brought her from work,
and she's being dead serious}
It taste-es like...seaweed.
Excuse me, does Grandma Lichelle have a guitar?
{she does this "excuse me" thing all the time}
{while playing with dolls}
Doll One: But we're your friends!
Doll Two: Yeah you are, but you're not the the kinds of friends I want to sleep with because it's Wednesday.
Doll One: Well, what kind of friends do you sleep with?
Doll Two: I'll sleep with you on Saturday.
Hey Mom. I wanna read...uh....Green Peas and Meat. 
{Green Eggs and Ham}
Belle: I hate going to sleep.
Me: Why's that?
Belle: Cuz I just like playing.
Something terribly happened to Blue's Clues!
{the Internet froze, thereby freezing her show}
{while playing at the playground}
Jess: You make me nervous playing like that!
Belle: Then don't watch me!
{after I put together a Lego rabbit, normally her daddy's job}
"Mom, you did it! Well done!"
{which is exactly what Jess says to her while they play Legos}
{after running through the rain to our car}
Holy cow! That was cold degrees!

{after a long day of DC walking}
I'm so tired after that long winter.
{which is partially a line from one of our favorite books}
{bringing me a dandelion}
Smell this flower! It smells like joy of love!
{while driving in Gettysburg}
Me: Man, it stinks in here!
Belle: It's my feet. Sorry 'bout that.
{at bed time}
Me: Time for prayers.
Belle: But why?
Me: Because we say prayers every day.
Belle: Well, this is night time, not day time!
Me: Touche.
{while rolling on the hotel bed}
Belle: Smell this bed!
Me: Um, why? What does it smell like?
Belle: Candy hearts! It smells SO GOOD!
Me: I'll take your word for it.
{as I serve up dinner}
Does that have gluten free in it?
{I love that "gluten free" is an ingredient in our home, like gluten}
{while in the car, listening to the radio}
Belle: Can you change the song, Mom?
Me: Sure.
Belle: Did you think I like that song?
Me: You used to love it.
Belle: Yeah, but that was when I had short hair.
Belle: Mother, I want a room that's big like yours with a bathroom in it. 
Me: Well, you have a great room. And maybe when you're a mom, 
you can have a bathroom in your room.
Belle: Well, what about when I'm an aunty? 
Because my aunties have bathrooms in their rooms.
Me: Ummmmmm. Why do you need a bathroom in your room?
Belle: Because I hate walking all the way down the hall to the bathroom.
{if you know the layout of the house, this is even funnier, 
as the bathroom is like five steps away from her room}
{at the end of yet another cold spring day}
Uggghhhh! I'm soooo bored! When are we going to get out of this tiny house?!

{while pulling her dress over her head}
Peas! Nakee! (Please, can I be naked?!)
Me: Hey, do you love Mommy?
Lou: Daddy!
Me: Awesome! ;)
seer-lee = cereal
shu-a-dough = shut the door
poo-coo = Blue's Clues
up-down = escalator
button = elevator button
pane! = airplane, flying overhead
Leakun = as in, Abraham Lincoln

spite peas! = Sprite please! 
{Thank you Annabelle.}
Boo = Annabelle (as well as Sissy and Ah-belle)
I-ub-oooo. = I love you. 
Me, pointing to Lou: Who's this?
Lou: Lou Lou!
Me, pointing to Annabelle: And who's this?
Lou: Boo!
Me, pointing to myself: And who's this?
Lou: You! {giggles} Mommy! 
{while she drops a bomb in her dipe}
Mom: Hey Lou, you should poop in the potty.
Lou, while walking away: Oooohhhhkaaaaay.
{after bumping into us or strangers, 
which was SO HILARIOUS while traveling}
Oh, sawwee. Sawwee. 
{strangers died laughing}
{If a certain sister's feet touch her, she goes beserk.}
Puss! Puss!
{when Annabelle pushes her or when she thinks someone is being pushed,
usually when Daddy and Belle are wrestling}
{while handing you a toy dog}
Pep! = Pet!
{while handing you a toy or her blanket}
Lubs! Lubs! = As in, give it loves.
Lub me! = When she wants you to hold her.
Hold you me! = Also, hold her.
Me: Hey, give me that bink!
Lou: No, my bink!"
{as she walks downstairs, pantless and grinning}
I pants off. 
{grins with pride}


Riss said...

Tell Belle that I STILL don't have a bathroom in my room and I'm even a mommy! (Just don't tell her I'm moving in a month and will have one then.)
I can't believe how much Louler is saying!

Kirsti said...

Such cute pictures! I'm glad you made the trip safely. I saw this cartoon today, and thought of your trip:



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