Tuesday, April 16, 2013

documenting d.c.

We accidentally scheduled this trip over Easter. But don't you worry, the Easter bunny found us in our hotel room. :) Annabelle never doubted, so it's a good thing the bunny came prepared with a few pounds of Easter goodies in her luggage. On Easter morning, I woke up to a little Annabelle voice whispering, "MOM! The Easter bunny came!"

I made the girls wear their Easter ensembles all day (while we touristed around). I didn't get a single shot of them standing and being cute though. What was I thinking? We spent the evening at some wonderful friends' home (who live just outside of the city). We were in North Carolina together, and it was seriously lovely to sit and eat and chat just like old times. Many thanks to the Jesses for taking such good care of us.

We spent one day at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. If you have a car, this day trip is totally worth it. It's only about twenty minutes, and the grounds are really incredible. They've done a great job restoring the buildings, and I found it totally fascinating. Annabelle asked all sorts of questions and seemed so puzzled their way of life. Of course, she also spent some time tumbling around:

Here she is tumbling in George Washington's backyard. But girlfriend tumbled everywhere she went. All day long: "Mom, can I tumble here?" And tumble she did:

The highlight of most vacations: pushing the elevator button. Lolly added this new word to her vocabulary and would go blitzing down the hall, "Uh button! Uh button!"

And don't go anywhere. Still many more to come... :)

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Rachel said...

Mt Vernon is one of my very very favorite places, glad you enjoyed it


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