Monday, April 15, 2013

vacation posting

Blog posts following these epic vacations are always so intimidating. So many memories, so many things to say. And so many photos. I mean really, the photos. And do I post just the photos with my kids hamming it up? Or do I also post the beautiful photos that come from Jess' fine tuned eye? And so usually I become paralyzed and/or lazy and the vacation never gets fully reported on. 

This time, I decided I'd consider my audience (hey Mom!) and I'd just take a few days and post bunches of photos as I have them (they have to be converted from giant RAW photos to normal-sized pics). Perhaps include a few cheery anecdotes  Because I know that even if no one else scrolls through the bajillions of photos we take and the words I use, she does. :) 

So, without further ado, let the random begin.

Annabelle deemed Lincoln her favorite. We visited him a few times. And she could spot "Lincoln's house" from most spots on the National Mall. (She distinguished it from "Jefferson's house" because it was square, whereas Jefferson's was round.) I imagine her preference for this striking monument stems from her parents' shared respect and love of this man.

It was really cold basically the entire trip (save for the last two days). Here we are running across the bridge to Arlington. We are running both to get to the subway and get warm and also to distract Annabelle. You know, "Let's race!" And off she goes, even though in all reality, those little legs are really tired. Such a little trooper.

You can imagine that we were fairly slow moving for most of this trip. Especially when Lou Lou was "helping." Also, observe the stroller. We PACKED that sucker full every morning. Everything we could possibly need, plus random junk the kids threw in that we didn't need, got stowed in that stroller. Plus all the bags and camera accouterments that would get hung on it by day's end.

Stay tuned. I've got lots more. :)

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Rachel said...

Love these pictures!! Looks like an amazing trip, wish I had gone with y'all!


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