Tuesday, April 9, 2013

more from the 'burg

So before I posted on Sunday, I'd emailed my sister asking for a few pictures if she had time. She sent me the ones you've seen and then told me she set up a drop box and gave me the log in info. And I was like, "Yes. Drop box. Sure." I forgot all about this mysterious drop box until today. When I went and logged in, I found a treasure trove of photos! Hooray for drop boxes!

I know I'm totally biased as we share the same face, habits, and pretty much all the same likes and dislikes, but she's so good. Just look at these photos. Most of these are taken without our knowledge. Just life on vacation. Just us. Most of them are also in Gettysburg, which we all just fell in love with. The town was stuffed full of quaint perfection (I also found gluten free pizza at the local pizza joint! Christmas!) and Jess is a Civil War buff, which made the fields come alive. He could explain details, and with his help, we had a glimpse at what happened in those solemn fields.

We started our trip in Gettysburg. It was perfect. The DC days were wonderful too, but I think we would all run back to Gettysburg if we could.

Thank you Don Don. And you're welcome for not using my regular nickname for you. You're welcome. :)

DC Photography is here. She's in St. George, but could easily be induced to venture to Salt Lake as she's got some nieces who love to maul her. :)

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