Wednesday, May 22, 2013

home again (again)

So last Tuesday, we packed our two checked bags, four carry ons, two car seats, and one stroller onto an east-bound airplane again. I swear this isn't normal for us, this picking up and leaving and taking babies on airplane after airplane, but we've got a few things going for us:

1. The girls both travel great. I think this is a combination of careful planning and pure practice. 
2. They are both at a great age to travel. Neither has scholarly obligations, and Lou is still a "lap infant."
3. Jess is able to take the time right now, so take it he does.

This time we headed back to our old stomping grounds, North Carolina. We spent most of our time in the Outer Banks, but also managed to squeeze in some Durham time as well. It was the perfect combination of nostalgia and new. (Also, it was humid. Wet, sticky, hot. I found myself fairly internally outraged most the time. Did I really live there?)

This is par for the course, but we have a million photos. Including a good number by Annabelle, which I'm starting to think may become a regular segment around here. I have a ton to sort through. But for now, a smattering.

1 comment:

eclaires said...

Love the one of Lou with the ocean in the background. She sure is growing up quickly. :)


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