Thursday, June 13, 2013


+ I've been unsubscribing from random emails all day. Carter's. Children's Place. Southwest Rapid Rewards. Costco. The list goes on. And on. It's quite liberating to click unsubscribe fifty times in one day. Already my in box feels fifty pounds lighter.

+ I've dubbed these cookies Crack Cookies. Because once you start eating them, you will never stop. And they have no gluten. And just a few ingredients, so you can probs make them right. Now. And you should. (I use light brown sugar, and they're just simply the most addicting thing.)

+ Want to hear the easiest crock pot meal ever? Get some raw chicken (I trim the fat) and throw in some salsa. Any kind will do. And cook on low for 4-6 hours. Then shred and consume. Quickly. So as to create an instant food baby. Tonight I used green and red salsa. Such fanciness. For fun, add sour cream at the end. Makes a creamy taco filling. Delish. (Our girls usually eat it without a taco shell, and with heaps of guacamole.)

+ Our yard. Lest you're worried (I knew it!), we have photos. Lots of them. I think I'm going to do a massive photo dump one day when this saga is over. It's a lot of work. I'm getting really buff and tan. (Ha.) The patio (with its plant-y accouterments) is done. I've been fighting the Amazon all week (the weeds). Calluses and blisters much? And I think we'll either sod or seed on Saturday. Sod = moolah. Seed = not so much moolah, but much less of a guarantee. Quandary. 

+ I signed my Belle up for preschool this week. It's been a decision I've been laboring over and fighting for months now. Fact of the matter is, I'm not at all convinced of the necessity of preschool. In fact, the only thing I'm convinced of is it is unnecessary. But I do know that my sweet - timid and cautious - Annabelle needs to know that she can be brave without me there. Otherwise Kindergarten will be a nightmare for her. We went and met her teacher - who was adorbs - and looked at her facility. I think both Annabelle and I both immediately felt at home. And I signed on the dotted line right away. I still fear Kindergarten, but I'm feeling good about Preschool.

+ My girls turn four and two. Next month. What the?

+ Speaking of the girl who turns two, the poor soul isn't done teething yet. Is this normal? I feel like this is NOT normal. And results in sad baby. Kind of breaks my heart. 

+ So I haven't worn foundation or base or whatever those types of products are called for years. I was trying to cover old acne scars, and one day I decided I didn't care. Well, my sister showed me this product. Guys. It really is a magic potion. Like real live witchcraft in a tube. Go buy it.

Photos courtesy of Aunt Don Don, via her i phone.

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