Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Well, we'd been home for far too long. It'd been like a week. So I packed my bags, threw a bunch of toys in the car, strapped the girls in, and headed to St. George. Yes, I know I still have NC photos to post and stories to tell (oh, do I ever). But let's just talk about this:

The reason for the trip? All the sisters were together. One sister lives in Texas, two live in St. George (where my mom also lives), and I'm in Salt Lake. So we are rarely all together. And while it's never enough time, let me tell you what. I am one very lucky girl. To have that beautiful woman for my mother (SERIOUSLY WHY DOESN'T SHE AGE?). To have those beautiful girls for my sisters and my ever-constant friends. (Also, please note our carbon copy faces.)

We're growing up and changing. But our sisterhood never does. No matter the differences, no matter the changes, we get together and find the common ground of love and laughter and chocolate. No lie, that stuff runs in our veins. 

These photos are by the lovely Jostlyn of Roz Photography. Many thanks to her for capturing us so perfectly. (Find Roz Photography on Facebook here or check out her blog here.)

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