Tuesday, July 30, 2013

back to cali

Okay, so I last left you sweating profusely in Joshua Tree National Park. Now let's wipe the sweat off our every inch and move back to the beautiful, just perfect, a little bit humid air of San Diego. 

We met up with the entire Cheney clan on the Fourth of July to hit up the best firework show we've ever seen. (San Diego's Big Bay Boom show. Please, please go here and watch last year's epic fail. It will make your day.) Before we left, I got my OCD on and researched the stuffins out of San Diego. I discovered that you could watch said fireworks from the deck of the USS Midway (pictured above), so we scooped those tickets up lickety split. It was pretty epic to say the least. 

The fireworks were truly spectacular. They motor four barges out in front of the Midway and shoot fireworks from each one (coordinated - so each barge has the same sequence). It's twenty minutes of awesome set to patriotic tunes. We were all duly impressed, and our little family has vowed to go again next year. (Any takers?)

Jess is a bit of a war historian, so it was no surprise that he made a new best friend out of Clint, a Korean War veteran, and long time volunteer on the USS Midway. 

We also did a day at Sea World and a day at Lego Land. The official consensus is that the kids were probably still a little too young for parks. THAT SAID, our kids really did have an awesome time. Annabelle went bananas for the sea lion show and they both loved the GIANT WHALES. 

They also really loved the penguins, and they made us visit the starfish pool six billion times (you can touch and pick them up). 

I really really loved the beluga whales. They're so mysterious and magical. Also, their habitat has the a/c cranked, so you better believe I lingered there.

Annabelle (and perhaps her mother) were dying to pet a dolphin. We paid our requisite dues and waited at their training pool for 45 minutes in the blazing sun (a redhead named Daddy FRIED in the name of getting his girl what she wanted). We hung our arms into their water as they played and trained, and narrowly missed petting one time and time again (below is just such a miss). At the very last minute, one of the trainers took pity on us and "coaxed" (pushed) the dolphin over to us so Belle could have her turn. That man deserves a trophy in our girl's eyes.

At Legoland, we mostly stuck to the tiny kid rides (most rides ARE kid rides, which makes the tiny kid rides as epic as you can imagine), which luckily, didn't have as long of lines as the others. Our only real complaint about Lego Land is that they have the worst lines. Like no efficiency at all. Drove us batty.

If you've been around either of the girls lately, you know that we're big on fairy tales right now. They know a handful inside out, and we've even taken to re-telling them, "silly fairy tales," as Belle calls them. This ride is the Fairytale Brook. We rode it no less than twelve times. No lie. Belle became the tour guide, as pictured below, and Lou about flipped her lid every time she saw those three little pigs.


For any Lego enthusiasts (my husband), Lego Land is pretty legit. Giant creations made entirely out of Lego. I think Mini World was our favorite. They've re-created famous or major cities made entirely out of Lego. It's seriously incredible.

All in all, we really did have the best time. (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Cheney!) Jess and I got a little nostalgic on our flight home (a flight we almost missed, mind you, thank you dear husband who got a little carried away touring the USS Midway when he should've been checking in at the airport) when we realized it would be the last time we flied as a family of three tickets. The next time we fly (and there aren't any plans, believe it or not!), we'll have to split up - two and two - which will be so weird.

That said, I'm going to be just fine with having my personal space back and not fighting with a giant "lap baby." :) Until next time, my friends! 

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littlered said...

Seeing all your pics makes me want to go back! Like tomorrow? ;)
And sick pics of the killer whale!!


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