Friday, August 9, 2013

a lalaloopsy party!

So, about that party. For about six months, I preached on and on about how I was just going to have everyone over for dinner for the girls' birthdays this year. I wasn't going to go crazy. I wasn't going to bust out the lists and the spreadsheets and the Pinteresting. I stuck to my guns for a while. Until one day Annabelle said, "Hey, we should have a Lalaloopsy party!"

And then my brain exploded.

I mostly went with the theme because it was pretty easy and cheap. (Plus, I'm a sucker for these dolls too.) I used all their toys (and borrowed a few) and decorated them with supplies I had on hand. Balloons and crepe paper cost me just a few bucks. We had the party in Gram's backyard, and it was perfectly magical. We got a little wind and rain, but the kids couldn't have cared less. They ran and played and loved every minute.

You might notice there is no food on the table with the Lala Land. Gram wouldn't let me put food there so as to not obscure the great work I did with the dolls. We got in a small fight, but Gram won because, hi, she's eighty-something. No brainer there. The food went inside so everyone could enjoy Lala Birthday Land, and Gram was a happy lady.

And now I shall inundate you with photos. (Thank you DC Photography.)

NOTE: For those not in the know about these dolls, click here. We've been in the Lalaloopsy business since Belle's tininess when she spotted one in the Walmart Christmas circular a few years ago. She wasn't even two yet, but the love began there. And hasn't ended. Both girls love these little dolls to bits, to the point of giant ownership arguments. And both girls know every doll's name. When Grandma came to visit, Annabelle was highly annoyed that Grandma was taking so long to learn the names. Ha ha.

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