Thursday, September 19, 2013

busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy. Like a really tall bee.

Fifty points for anyone who catches that reference. Besides you Danielle. You knew it before you finished reading it.

So busy. We've been. 

+ I recently started working for the PR team that is responsible for the Jess and Shauntel union. That's right. My boss at Intrepid set me up on a blind date with Jess over six years ago. It really backfired for him as I ended up marrying the kid and leaving the firm.

But good news. I'm baaaaackkkk. I'm editing for them again. It would be an understatement to say I'm so happy. Flexing my editing muscles is far more gratifying than I remember. (I'm working from home too, which is pretty perfect. I edit while crafting and other such activities are going on right behind me or during nap time.)

+ Belle's in preschool. We covered this, I know. But it involves mental preparation, scheduled mornings, cheerleading routines. The good news? She's a champ, and she loves it. We've even added a day per week. Today when I dropped her off, as I signed in, she goes, "OK BYE MOM." Well then.

+ We went on a road trip again. I know, you're like, so what. You do that every day. Yes, true. This time we went to visit Grandma Lichelle and the aunties in St. George. Jess and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas for his firm's annual work retreat. We left the girls with my mom and sister, and believe me when I say, the girls didn't even notice. In fact, when I got home, Annabelle saw me, threw her head back in the air and groaned in despair. 

+ How to Train Your Dragon. This doesn't have anything to do with anything, but really, best movie ever. Go watch it. Santa is going to bring it to me, pretty sure. 

+ I'm done Christmas shopping. I had this moment last week when I realized my Chase points (from my credit card) could be used as straight cash on Amazon. It was like lightbulbs and fireworks and fuzzy puppies in my head, and ten minutes later, Christmas was done. I still need to round up a few things for he who wants nothing (Jess), but the girls' Christmas gifts are finished. (Don't forget - I've had a dollhouse for them for over a year now as well, so I wasn't buying a whole bunch.)

+ I've been spending spare minutes designing Christmas cards for the shop. I'll bring back some of the favorites from last year, but I'm going to throw a bunch of newbies out there too. You good people deserve some variety. My goal is to get these live by the end of the month. And a coupon code too for early birds...stay tuned. :)

+ Kettlebells. My Achilles tendons decided to take a hiatus. They do this about once a year. This time it's pretty bad, and my normal rehabbing isn't cutting it. I can't do any cardio that involves, well, feet. So yeah. But kettlebells? My sister sent me one for my birthday (it was on my wish list, she wasn't just sending me a heavy hint, pun intended). I'M OBSESSED. Single most effective work out I've ever done. It involves chucking a cast iron bell around, so it has its hazards, but seriously. Awesome. Love.

+ This fudge. This fudge alone is a good reason to go buy yourself some coconut oil (if you haven't yet bought into this trend, which by the way, is a good one to buy into). I feel only minor guilt in consuming an entire panful by myself in 24 hours. Minor guilt, because it's healthy fudge. Right?

+ These two photos are by my sister. I know. They capture the essence of each of my babies, well, perfectly. Here's the fun story. Many moons ago, before digital photography existed, I thought I'd be a photographer. I had a fancy SLR and everything. But I gave it up when I realized the darkroom was, well, dark. My poor night vision impaired my ability to process film in a major way. I also found editing and found myself pursuing that instead. But I kept the camera. When my sister took up the hobby, I passed the camera along. And now, of course, she's doing it better. She's so extraordinarily talented. These are film photos. I think I love them. A lot.


danielle said...

Yeah. Totes knew before I finished it.

The Harrises said...

Is this a Gilmore Girl Reference by chance?

Congrats on editing again, I think. I believe it is your thing, definitely not mine. Your gals are getting big and sounds like they have a really a good mom to raise them.

Will I ever see you again? Donuts on my driveway September 30th @ 6PM. You'll want to be there. And we'll probably need to do lunch at some point.


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