Friday, September 27, 2013

it's been said :: lou lou

​So Lou has now started talking enough to get her own "it's been said" column. She's at that funny age where she can totally communicate, but with only the words she has locked up in her silly little mind. Also she's kind of a pathological liar AND she has a flaming temper. All of this results in total hilarity, several times a day. Here are a bunch that I took the time to write down.​

Lou: I wanna see the play dough!
Me: Okay, I'm cooking it. It's almost done!
Lou: Cooooool!
{after biffing it, which happens at least a dozen times daily}
Whoa. I okay. I a-right.
{every night when she should be sleeping}
Mom...where awe you?
Me: Lolly, did you poop?​​
Lou: Nooo.... {while holding the Woody toy}
Me: You stink!
Lou: Noooo, Woody poop!
{as Lou walks by without pants}
Me: Lolly, did you poop your pants?
Lou: I no wearing pants.
yo-yut = yogurt
​{after burping}
'Cuse meees.​
{after 45 minutes of crying while her blanket washed and dried,
and then getting her blanket back, all the while shoving her face into it}
I miss you blanky! I miss you!
{while hiking in Yellowstone}
Hi peoples! I Lou Lou!
{after seeing a bison in Yellowstone}
Oh! {holding her hands out} I wanna hop on!
{while sniffing the sulfur in Yellowstone}
Lou: Mells like poop.
Me: No, that's sulfur. 
Lou: Suh-fuh? 
Me: Yes, sulfur.
Lou: Mells like poop.
Me: No, it smells like sulfur.
Lou: Mells like suh-fuh poop.
{while rehearsing the First Article of Faith
this isn't including her epic words 
and lisps that are really hard to spell out}
We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in his Son, 
Jesus Christ, and Goldilocks, and the Three Little Pigs. And so forth!
{while playing with cousins}
Me: Lou, be nice to Peter!
Lou: I hit Peter.
Me: At least you're honest? 
{she has a FLAMING temper - it ain't no joke}
{after a little hike}
I climbed HUUUUUUUGE rocks Momma.
​{they were small}
{after Annabelle threw a hand weight and got a stern talking to}
Lou: Sissy, you be naughty. You go to yo' room. No trowing weight! No!
Me: What's my name?
Lou: Mommy
Me: Or????
Lou: Gone-Shell
{every time, it's my favorite, I never want her to get it right}
I wanna go backside. {outside}

Hey, Mom? I need Nemo very bad. 
{she wants to watch Finding Nemo, very bad}
Me: Lou, don't poop in the tub.
Lou: Okay, I will!
Me: Lou, don't hit your sister.
Lou: Okay, I will!
Me: Lou, don't dump your water on the couch.
Lou: Okay, I will!
{she means "I will not do the thing you're saying"...I think?​}
Me: Do you need to go potty Lolly?
Lou: No way Jose!
{voicing her Lalaloopsies}
Doll One: Okay, time to get up and do eck-er-sizes! {exercises}
Doll Two: But Mudeerrrrr!!! {Motherrrrr!}
Sissy go to school in a house made of bricks.
{which is actually a factual statement}
{after I do ponytails in her hair}
Bootiful! I like Ree-punzle! 
{Rapunzel...I have no idea.}
{if anyone touches me - Jess, Annabelle, other children}
{with the fire of Mordor in her eyes}
Me: Hey, give me your binky.
Lou: Noooooooooo.
Me: You don't need it girl.
Lou: No Mom. I NEED it. I do. I do need it.
{after seeing Gram for the first time without her hair done or a wig on}
Lou, pointing at Gram's hair: I no like it.
Gram: You don't like my hair?
Lou, scrunching her nose in distaste: No, I no like it. No like it.
Gram: Me neither! I need to find someone to do it!
{Gram has a broken shoulder and can't do her hair. 
Gram and I got a pretty good laugh out of this.
So glad she has a sense of humor!}
{after she poops in her dipe}
Lou, sniffing: Mells like?...Mells like horsey poop.
Me, laughing: Um. No. That's you. You pooped in your dipe.
Lou, laughing: Noooooo. That horsey poop!


Rachel said...

I NEED it. Yeah, I've heard that many, many times. I'm still dragging my feet, maybe we'll take it away next week...

littlered said...

Hahahah oh my hannah I love this girl so so so much!!! After my own heart right there :)

Riss said...

I love that poop is a reoccurring theme. Must be potty-training :


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