Wednesday, November 27, 2013

thankful for you! {free printable}

We're pretty big fans of crafting around here. I'm constantly dreaming up random things to do or color or paint. Especially since preschool started and suddenly Annabelle is much more aware of her artistic mediums and real glue. I'd previously shielded her from the gooey kinds of glue, and we've been a strictly gluestick household. Until now. Now we have glue everywhere. Because Lou.

Anyhow, this morning, as I sat dreaming up something for the girls, I decided we should do something to celebrate Thanksgiving. So I whipped these up. I explained to the girls that they could color these little cards (little=cute and awesome in their worlds) and give them to the people they love to tell them they're thankful for them. They were so excited and got right to work.

What surprised me was how tender they became about it. They colored one for me, and they colored one for each other. Each sister was so very pleased to have a gift from the other. All day long, they've each been so proud of the tiny little card their sister gave them, exchanging hugs and telling each other how much they love their card.

They're really nothing fancy, but I wanted to share. If you're in need of a last minute Thanksgiving activity, click here or on the copy below. Happy Thanksgiving!

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