Thursday, December 5, 2013

it's been said

Belle: Did you just toot?!
Lou: Yeah...
Belle: I just tooted too!
{giggles ensue}
Lou: I like Santa.
Belle: You like Santa?!
Lou: No, I love Santa.
{while watching Polar Express, where the eagle swoops down and grabs the train ticket}
Lou: Oh, look issa eagle! What's dat called? {in reference to the baby eagle}
Belle: Oh, that? It's called an eaglette.
{while eating lunch}
Lou: Mommy. Dis soup is good.
Mommy. I like dis soup. Is pretty yummy all da time.
I no put apples in my soup. Dat be yucky!
Mom. Mom. Mom! {gets my attention, points to her soup} Is gooooddd.
{The recipe is here. It is quite tasty.}
{while coloring thankful cards}
Belle: Mom, can I keep some of these for me? Because I'm thankful for myself?
Belle: I'm going to be nice today.
Lou: I be nice to Sissy. I hit Mommy.
Belle: Lolly, can you please keep the nativity people out there?!
Lou: I can't.
Belle: Yes you can.
Lou: ...I can't.
Belle: Yes you can! Just walk your feet over there!
Belle: When Lou wakes up can I give her a hug?
{ten minutes later}
Belle: I want Lou to wake up so I can give her a hug.

{telling me about Thanksgiving}
Belle: So the pilgrims left England because there was a mean king.
And they came to Little America to be free.
{Little America is a hotel in Salt Lake that she loves}
{whilst coloring}
Belle: Green with black kind of makes...mold.
Jess: I'm going to run to the store to get milk. Do you guys want to come?
Lou: I do! I do! I wanna come!
Jess: Annabelle?
Belle: No...I'll stay with Mommy. I need a break from the crazy person (Lou).
{counting (by twos-ish) during hide-and-seek}
Lou: Two, four, six, eight, nine!
Lou: If I could see the Savior standing night...
Belle: Lou, did you know it's not night, it's nigh. Like nigh like close by.
Belle: Lou, I'm a grown up. You're very younger. {pauses} 
Well, I am older so like a grown up. But you're young.
Me: Hey, Lou. Do you need to go potty?
Lou: Um, no sank you.
Belle: Lou, do you want to play with the dolls with me?
Lou: Well, ummmm. Mebbe later.
{while playing house with Lou}
Belle: I'm the mother! I'm in charge of everyone!
{dang straight}
Lou: Momma! Hold me like ya love me!
{This is something Jess always says to be funny.
 It was hilarious hearing it come out of her mouth.}
Me: Lou, are you going to poo in the potty?
Lou: Umm. Wellll. Mebbe tomorrow.
{as we get ready for bed, to herself, under her breath}
Lou: I no wanna wear jammies...tomorrow I be nake-ee.


littlered said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAH I am dying, DYING! Like I want to comment on every single quote! And please, how great is Lou that she's always just chilling in her underwear?? Girl after my own heart! :)
PS her hair is getting so long! And what four year old knows what nigh means??

eclaires said...

I cannot convey in words how much I love these "it's been said" posts. Love. When Lydia Lou was just a baby and these posts consisted entirely of Miss Annabelle since she was the only one who could talk, I just couldn't imagine how anyone could say cute things than Belle... but Lou, she's a firecracker. And I'm happy to say that my heart(brain) has expanded and I love "it's been said" even more now. I guess that what happens to a mom when she has her second baby too. ;) Your heart just gets bigger.

And I totally agree with littlred above: I want to comment on every single quote. :) I know I have in the past... but I want to leave work since it's 5:19pm and it's Friday. So mebbe later. :)

eclaires said...

I should have edited my own comment. Ugh. I hate inadvertent grammar and spelling errors.

K. Jones said...

Haha...I love when you post these. Thanks for sharing your cute kiddos quotes with us! Kate J


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