Wednesday, May 21, 2014

one last pit stop

On our way home from the Grand Canyon (via our St. George stopping point), we stopped at Kolob Canyons, the northwest section of Zion National Park. (Tip: It's not Zion's. It's also not Zy-ON. It's Zy-un. Like lion.) Anyhow - in Kolob Canyons, there's a five mile hike called Taylor Pond. Of course, we didn't do the whole hike, but we thought we'd do a little with the girls. It turned out to be the perfect little stop. The girls played in the stream, and we sat and enjoyed the beautiful Zion walls towering above us. We took about a million photos, saw some frogs and lizards, threw rocks, and ended with a rousing joust (Lou vs. the world).

When one leaves the tripod in the car, improvise.

Photo by Annabelle.


Photo by Annabelle.

Photo courtesy of rock tripod.

About ten minutes after we got back in the car, the girls fell asleep. And did not wake up until we got home. That's like 3.5 hours! It was basically the best drive in the history of ever and the perfect end to our little trip.

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Corina said...

I have issues with the whole adding "s" to the end of places idea. For one thing, I hate when people say Benihanas because it's just Benihana, but I do have to admit that I have called it Zions before. Mostly because when you're saying it without the "National Park" part at the end, it just sounds so weird. "We went to Zion last weekend." The other one I have a hard time with is Joann Fabric Store. I HAVE to say Joann's even though it is just Joann. Every time I have to go there it's a battle in my mind between what I know is correct and what sounds right.

Lovely pictures. We are very familiar with the rock/backpack/bridge/pole tripod. We know it well.


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