Wednesday, May 28, 2014

tumbling and running

This backyard. Oh how we love it. Especially the little tumbler. Many of our evenings are spent out here. Mostly because we have so many weeds. And snails. Oh my goodness the snails! But we love this backyard. It's turned into a magical little place for us, where the gardener can tend to his plants (and weeds) and the babies can run out all the remaining wiggles of the day.


The Meachams said...

Shauntel, your girls are so cute! And Belle is quite the tumbler!

Becky Wiese said...

Seriously, look at that girl's perfect form! The slo-mo pictures really capture it.

Evan & Heather said...

Is Belle in shorts?!?! It's been too long. The bebes need to play


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