Tuesday, June 17, 2014

yellowstone in the spring

So we customarily hit up Yellowstone in late summer. Some would call it early fall. And we also like to make an occasional dead of winter trip. Way back in February, we reserved our dates for this August. This isn't as crazy as it sounds - you literally have to reserve many months out if you want to stay in the park.

A few weeks later, however, I realized (with dread, believe me) that Annabelle would be starting kindergarten in August, and the Yellowstone trip was going to get the kabosh. So we decided to try Yellowstone in the spring. After all, we've tried it in every other season.

I could just stop right now and let the photos do the talking, but ohmygoodness. You must go to Yellowstone in the spring. It's beautiful. Yellowstone is always beautiful, but spring is mighty magic there. And the animals. Oh the animals. We saw seven bears (some with babies), millions of bison (many babies), scads of geese (also with babies), a jackrabbit, a handful of elk, and so on and so on. It's sooooooooo green, and although you run the risk of some rain and a little chill in the air, it's so worth it. 

If you've ever contemplated a trip to Yellowstone, might I suggest that you go...now? :)

I debated breaking this up into a few posts. But when I say I'll do that, I never do. So ready, set, biggest photo dump in the history of ever. 


Rachel said...

Ah-mazing. I haven't been to Yellowstone in forever and you're making me want to go back!

Emilie said...

I realize I don't know the other side of the family… but your oldest looks just like your Mom! Seriously, a Mini-Lachel!! Beautiful pictures!! Looks Fun!

eclaires said...

You've had bigger photo dumps. :) So this is what I'm thinking... you need to open a business on the side selling prints of your photos. I know a ton of people do nature photography, but I really think the combined efforts of Jess and Shauntel are worth putting out there on the market.


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