Friday, July 4, 2014

annabelle at five

Annabelle, at five...

+ You love to learn. You're at about a first grade reading level (by your preschool teacher's estimates and unofficial testing), you love to solve simple addition and subtraction equations, and you devise problem solving scenarios all the time. One of my favorite things is when someone asks you what you love best about preschool. You say simply, "Learning." It hasn't occurred to you that you could choose a particular thing you love to learn about. You just love to learn.

+ You love your hair in fancy hair dos. You stick with one style for a month or two, then rotate. You rarely let me leave it down anymore. I have to beg. Your hair is still curly - but more wavy in the back.

+ You look more like your Grandma Christensen than ever.

You were thrilled to have summer preschool on your birthday.
Miss Sam went all out and made you a sparkly crown. Too cute.
+ You love your baby sister. You two are best friends. Together, you can do anything, and you play in imaginary worlds for hours on end. It makes me so happy. You are so kind to her, and you're always willing to help her. You also teach her so much. You are a mini mom already. My favorite is when you both get laughing so hard you can hardly breathe. You truly are the best of friends. A few months ago, we thought Lou was lost and had fallen in a quickly moving river in Yellowstone. Your face was as frightened as your parents'. You told me later, "Mommy, I was so scared that she fell in the water, and I couldn't see her. I never want that to happen again." You love that little sister so much.

+ You love Star Trek: The Next Generation. Your totally geeked out parents are to thank (blame?) for this. You have a favorite character (Worf) and you can recite the entire opening sequence (Space, the final frontier...). 

We picked up Daddy and Zupa's to go and took it to the park. Some of your favorite things.
+ You hate shorts and pants. Still. You always have. I've convinced you to add leggings to your wardrobe, but mostly you just want to wear skirts (even in winter).

+ You love to travel. You love to hike. You love to explore. You have a wonderful spirit of adventure in that little soul of yours. (You also love the hotels. I'll be honest.)

Here you are dipping your bread in your mushroom soup.
I just love that you love mushroom soup.
+ You don't have a favorite food. You will eat just about anything, except potatoes (including fries). You recently decided you hate them. (And secretly I'm fine with it - it's not the healthiest vegetable to be in love with.) You love garlic bread, watermelon and strawberries, anything Asian or Mexican. Your favorite restaurant is Zupa's. You always get mushroom soup (although you don't prefer to eat the mushrooms) and bread and you dip, dip, dip away.

+ You love tumbling. And you're ridiculously good. You're currently in a class with mostly 6-8 year old girls. It's challenging to you, which you thrive on. If they can do it, so can you. Your little body is made for tumbling. You're so strong.

+ You love your garden. You helped daddy plant most of our plants this year, and you know the difference between perennial and annuals (you always verify that what we're buying is perennial - you hate that annuals die). You tend your tomato and other vegetables quite religiously and get so excited when there's something ready to eat.

+ You love Tinker Bell and Periwinkle (her sister) and all of the fairies. You and your sister can quote verbatim most of the movies. (And we really don't watch them that much!) There are much worse Disney characters to be obsessed with, so we roll with this. ({Not so} secretly, I love Tink too.)

+ You wear a size 6 in clothes and size 11 in shoes.

+ You have an inherent sense of right and wrong. You appear to prefer to obey. You don't like messing up. You have typical little kid mistakes, but for the most part, your sense of integrity is beyond your years. 

+ Your favorite toy is your Popple. She accompanies us on every trip (and makes a great pillow). Her name is Popple Sassy Bibble. (No idea.)

You and Lou gave each other a Toothless dragon toy.
As you can see from the blurriness, there was a lot of excitement going on.
+ You love to draw. You have notebooks full of your beautiful drawings. I love them because they act as a sort of journal. You draw the things you love and the things you're learning about. 

+ You still love your blanket. It has so many holes and has been patched so many times. I believe it is the most loved blanket that has ever existed.

We checked out a book at the library months ago that featured a little doll.
You became convinced the doll existed, and I went hunting til I found one
basically exactly like her. With a birthday hat no less!

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