Wednesday, September 17, 2014


one // I got a smart phone. I know. Jess and I are honestly just about the last people on earth to take the plunge into phone servitude. I have very mixed feelings about this contraption. I really love its convenience factor. But as a long-time dumb phone user, I'm also annoyed by all it's fanciness. Also, in general I don't love smart phones. I'm so tired of the world constantly looking down. All the time. I can't count the number of "conversations" I've had with people without them looking at me once. It's my biggest pet peeve ever. My hope is that my phone is useful and not distracting. I have no games or tricks on it. It's used for work, coupons, directions, and taking photos. Also, the girls don't know it's "smart," and they will never know. 

two // The kindergartner is SO HAPPY. She goes to bed happy and excited and wakes up happy and excited and comes home talking 100 miles per hour, telling me every little thing that happened. I'm so happy she's so happy. She's also been working hard at scamming the people we love to raise money for her school fundraiser. All those bears on her neck? Thank you dear friends and family who bought something from our little con artist - she won those bears because of your contributions. :) (And she literally wears them all day, every day. Including while she sleeps. She broke the original lanyard and is now sporting them with yarn. She's very proud and grateful.)

three // Lou is the most proud preschooler on the planet. And then we added tumbling, which shot her straight up to the moon. She is so proud to be so big. She's absolutely hysterical in tumbling. She cannot follow directions to save her life, and I literally cry watching her because I can't stop laughing. This morning at tumbling, as she literally sprinted away from me (such a totally different experience than her sister), I realized how much easier it is watching Lou grow up. I'm definitely not okay with her getting big; it's that she's so happy to be getting big. It makes it easy to be happy with her. She is so brave and confident, and I'm so glad.

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Riss said...

one // such cute school goers! two // we should get a picture of Lisel and Lou in those pink shirts together. three // I hate smart phones.


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