Tuesday, September 23, 2014

it's been said

That there on the right is her pirate face. Kills me.

Get comfortable. I've been saving these up for  months. Enjoy!

Lou: I love my daddy...and mommy. Annabelle too. And me. I love Grandma and Don Don too...and...Cap'n Picard.

and then there was this:

{while watching Frozen, to Aunt Don Don, in reference to the giant snowman monster guy}

Belle: Worf could beat him up. He's a Klingon. Klingon's are really strong.

and also this:

{in church, after someone held up a picture of Captain Moroni and asked who it was}
Random Kid: Captain Moroni!
Lou: HEY! That's like CAP'N PICARD!"

Also, they can each recite the opening lines of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You know, "Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise..." Except Belle says, "Space, the final frontier. These are the boar-dages.." And we love it. :)

{We never claimed we weren't raising nerds...this just really solidifies it...}
{while I'm wearing my glasses}
Belle: Mom, when you look at me, you look like a grandma.
Me: Hey, I think I look cute!
Belle: Um. You look like a cute grandma!
Me: Have you guys been playing on my bed?
Belle: No....we're not playing. We're jumping.
{with ten minutes left of church}
Lou: I wanna go home! I'm tired of churching!
Belle: I'm trying to think what Miley and Chamine's {dogs} favorite colors are.
Hmmm...They can't use words, so I don't know...
Maybe the color of their fur is their favorite color?
{as we get ready to make cookies, Lou takes out a giant salad fork}
Lou: Mom, we need this giant pork to make cookies.
{I love that she still switches her Fs and Ps. 
It means she's not quite grown up, right?}

Lou: Do you wanna build a snowman? DING! {the music}
Lou: jick-oh-rish = licorice
{when checking to see if I was listening}
Belle: Did you hear all of me?
Belle: Can you say, "El Chupacabra"?
Lou: El Chupa-blah-blah.
{from the Planes movie}
{during dinner}
Me: Here Lou. Have another bite.
Lou: No I'm breaking.
{she's taking a break}
{after I give Lou a hug, after working out, before showering}
Lou: You smell like...eck-er-sizing.
{yes, yes I do}
Me: Lou, why don't you poop in the potty?
Lou: I like your beautiful blue eyes!
{and then}
Me: Hey, are you pooping your pants?
Lou, looking around for something to distract me: I'm just...looking...at the dog (a toy).
Me: Lou, who's your favorite princess?
Lou: I like Super Why-a and Jack (from Super Why!).
{when two very disrespectful Asians in Yellowstone cut Lou off from me and start jibbering in her face}
{then literally pushes them out of the way and continues her rant}
Day are so rude! Day are teasing me!
{I died laughing. Especially since we'd had an unusual amount of discourteous tourists that trip.}
Lou waiting for Belle to get out of kindergarten, reciting the letters on the storm drain. Ha ha.

Jess: Hey, what do you girls want to do tonight?
Lou, without missing a beat: Go to Lellowstone.
{while the girls play in the parked car and trade seats, climbing over one another}
Lou: ...Uh...this is awkward...
Lou: My shirt is ouching me!
Belle: Mom, can I have a big marshmallow?
Me: Sure. You can have one now or two in five minutes.
Belle: I'll wait!
Lou: I wanna marshmallow!
Me: Okay. You can have one now or you can have two in five minutes.
Lou: I want one now!
{ha ha ha ha}
Jess: Okay Annabelle. Your turn to pray.
Lou: No I pray!
Jess: No Annabelle's turn.
Lou: Heav-ee Fad-der...
Belle: Okay, you can bust the prayer...
{bust it out}
Me: Get that comb out of your underwear.
Lou: But issa like a pocket...
{in the middle of singing a bunch of primary songs while driving}
Belle: We're just busting out church songs.
{while barbecue chicken cooks in the crock pot}
Lou, sniffing: Mmmmm! Yum! I want some of that Barbie chicken!
{the day after her birthday, to a friend}
Belle: I can't believe I'm five! I'm a whole hand!
{after I sneeze}
Lou: Mommy, you sound like a witch!
Belle: Lou, is Mitchell (a friend) a boy?
Lou: Yes, he's a boy.
Belle: He's a boyfriend!
Lou: No, I no like boyfriends!

She asked me to straighten her hair. And then she was twelve.

Lou: I not be a mom OR a dad when I grow up. I be a Whitney! 
{Aunt Whitney, who just returned from her mission in Korea}
{on a Saturday night]
Me: Did you poop today?
Lou: Uh...yes. 
Me: Oh, really? When?
Lou: Uh...Friday...at four.
Lou: Mom, I be Hiccup for Halloween and you be Toothless? And I can ride you? And you have wings?
Lou: Mom can I please have a brownie!? I told you six times.
Belle: I'm glad I have a daddy with red hair. I don't want a daddy with any other color hair.
Lou: When I grow up to be a daddy, I build Lego pirate ships.
{after picking Lou up from preschool}
Me: Were you a nice girl today?
Lou: Yes. People LOVE me.
{true. dat.}
Me: Do you want to go to a fancy restaurant tonight?
Lou: Cracker Barrel?!!!
{while Lou runs around in spazzy circles with a stroller}
Me: Hey Lou, why are you being psycho?
Lou: I not! I being a kid!

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