Wednesday, October 8, 2014


On Monday night, we piled into the car (and I literally mean that - my RAV died over a month ago so we were literally piled into Jess' little Civic) with the goal of going...somewhere. These were the options that Jess and I had pre-determined:

1. Ross to shop for winter coats.
2. Papa's house.
3. Sam's Club for churros.
4. Temple Quarry Trail walk.

We asked Annabelle to pick a number. She chose four. So there we were. Smack dab in the middle of fall. And I would now like to apologize for hating on the smart phones. Because dude. I had a camera. And no, they're not as sharp as if I was hauling the SLR. But they're photos. And they have fall.

Fall is my favorite of all the seasons. This has been well documented. But this fall especially. This fall is shaping up to be full of everything amazing. It feels super surreal around here, the way the tide is shifting. But Imma roll with it. Because it's all pretty dang awesome.

Happy fall y'all.

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