Monday, October 13, 2014

prom night

Jess recently started working at a new job. (Fireworks, pom poms!, cartwheels!!!!) He's still a lawyer, but he went in house for a solar power company. It's been life changing in so many ways.

Including this.

Note: He's hiding a box of Junior Mints in his clenched fist there.
I do enjoy that it makes him look super stressed, however.
For the first time in many years, Jess and I got dressed up - I mean dressed up - and we went to the ball. Jess' company was a sponsor of the Governor's Gala this year, and as such, they were invited. He text messaged me one day with a, "Do we want to go to the Governor's Ball?" Me: "Yes. No idea what it is. But yes we do."

The last time I put on a fancy dress and actually focused on achieving the perfect liquid line occurred seven years ago when we got married. (Danielle? Rissa? That reference was for you.) I gave myself a whole hour to get ready for this shin dig. A whole hour. Not a lash was left uncurled. So naturally I took selfies and sent them to my sister in Houston with whom I'd been sharing all my shopping anxieties regarding finding an appropriate ensemble.

This outfit brought to you by (Target's brand of) Spanx. Thank you and Amen.

When my beloved Target didn't turn up anything appropriate for such an event, I went to the mall. It was as painful as I anticipated. I left the mall with nothing but bad anxiety and a case of hives. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Whitney has a fabulous closet, and my shopping experience there went much better. I also went shopping in Grandma Cheney's jewelry. Basically I married into really great clothes and accessories.

The Gala's theme was "On Broadway," and it was simply lovely. Hale Centre Theatre (a local community theater - and apparently the largest community theater in the country) spearheaded the deal, featuring powerhouse voices singing the familiar theme songs from seven musicals, including Wicked, Annie, and Les Mis (tears). 

Basically, I think I should go to the prom at least once a month. It seriously was exactly what we needed and the perfect reminder that things are changing. Jess tried to pass it off as an anniversary date (our official seven year mark was the day before), but not so. His lazy butt was duly noted. 

It's so hard for me to believe that things can be different than the way they've been for a few years now, that our normal can shift back to what we've been praying and hoping for. I loved having this night to remember it.

And also. To take selfies.

And to eat salad in a cucumber bowl. 

Life is good. So good.


Martha Gerber said...

Oh that makes me so happy for you. We too have been praying for a change that will allow us to be more intentional about our family time and just feel more normal. Yeah for balls!

Corina said...

I was talking to my Aunt the other day about the Governor's Gala, because she went, and I pulled up your pictures and my Aunt is pretty positive she was sitting at your table! And that Jess sat by my uncle Jim. She said that she remembered your necklace because she loved it. Small world!

Did you get a new phone number with your new phone? I texted you a few months ago, but never heard back! We would love to get together!


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