Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the weather outside

So fall in our little corner of the world has been SPECTACULAR. I've hesitated to mention it because I don't want to jinx it - it seriously feels surreal. It's November 11, and still...no snow. I love snow. I do. But it makes life a little more tricky, especially where we live (at the top of a steep driveway that sits at the top of a steep cul de sac THAT NEVER GETS PLOWED). So this beautiful weather has been basically the best. These photos are from Jess' cousin's wedding. The most perfect weather for a beautiful day.

Annabelle's camera smiles crack me up...

And also Lou's...haha.

Annabelle caught the bouquet!
(After all the eligible ladies dodged it and let it drop
and Belle picked it up off the floor with a cheer! :) )

This post would not be complete without a grainy selfie
taken in a super fancy bathroom with the aunties. :)

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Rachel said...

Love that Cheney ladies selfie :)


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