Wednesday, December 17, 2014

catch upppp

Well, we survived THE FLU 2014. It wasn't just the girls. It was me too. Fevers all around. Drug(s) all around. General misery alllll. around. But for now we're fairly healthy. We've got the leftover hack and I swear the girls could sleep for days after all that not sleeping and writhing coupled with some ridiculous delirium, but we're back.

In between our dying phases (I think maybe we had two flu bugs, back to back, the first more brutal than the second, seriously) and before and after, I took a few photos (read: a million). And now is as good a time as any to start oversharing.

These cousins are the besties of all besties. They played every second they could while in St. George. One day I did fancy matchy hair dos for them.

And we played at the park. 

And Lou got in trouble (in the above photo Annabelle's telling me how annoying it is that Lou is shoveling sand back in to the hole that she and Annalise spent thirty minutes digging out).

She felt great about it. Also, if you ever send me a text I disagree with, you can expect to get this photo in return.

My sister Kristen and I took the most epic selfies. Flare included. BOOM.

Then Belle took some really lovely selfies.  

Belle got her school pictures. I couldn't love them more. I love that when the camera lady told her to show her teeth for her smile, she did just that. Seriously. This picture makes my day, and she loves it so. Cutest thing. I love this kindergarten age so much - sort of big, but still sweet and innocent.

Jess and I snuck away to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. If you didn't have a chance to listen or watch, head on over here. So good. So very very good. P.S. I want to fix my bangs in that photo so bad it hurts.

In between illnesses, we went to the Utah Symphony's Christmas concert (for kids). It's always lovely (we hit it up every year). It's short, sweet, and filled with familiar and jolly tunes the kids love. Santa makes a yearly appearance and conducts the symphony, which is always a kick. The girls also love getting dressed up fancy, so it's a total win. And don't worry - we also took them to a very fancy lunch beforehand. Sam's Club. Wins allll aroundddd. :)

Crafty craftiness. I'll be real here. I don't love crafting with kids. If it can't be done with a computer, I'd really rather not touch it. It's messy and so disorganized and oh my gosh do you see how that isn't straight? But the girls love it. And thank goodness for prepackaged craft kits and other crafty people on Pinterest who make it easy for me. 

Oh Home Depot. How we love thee. These are little holiday yard stakes. I find them basically the cutest. I love how each girl used the stickers so differently.

We bought Gram a tiny Christmas tree that was delivered the night we all fell into bed with fevers. And bless her soul, she saved the decorating for the girls, for when they got better. The girls made a few ornaments for her and Gram had a string of lights from the seventies (that somehow still works) as well as some vintage ornaments, and they got busy. We'll make more visits in the next few days with more ornaments. (See: crafty craftiness.)

And last of all - we got a giant Christmas tree that's bigger than my bedroom. But quite magical.

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