Tuesday, December 23, 2014

simple christmas

So Wednesday night (just hours after I last posted here, in fact) found me mostly in the bathroom, my bodily fluids fighting for the quickest exit strategy. It was freaking miserable. The debate still continues as to whether I had yet another virus or if I was food poisoned. It doesn't really matter - both verdicts had the same evidence I'm not too anxious to repeat.

But before all that, this happened. 

We went to Grammy's to take presents and a few more ornaments. We knocked and rang a few times until her hearing aids picked us up, and I saw her coming to the door, a skip in her 85 year old step. She clapped with joy. Pure joy. And she shuffled us in, the girls simultaneously hugging Grammy's legs and stripping off their coats, rushing to fill her tree with presents and sparkles. We had hot chocolate and sat and talked while the girls ran around playing in this home that has become a second home to them. They've learned the art of playing carefully, and when the heater turns on, they camp out on the floor by the vent, letting the warm air wash over them.

We like to stuff our Christmas agenda to the point of ridiculous. We love all the events and the festivities, the lights and magic. However, this year we've been sick just enough that we've missed a lot of everything. But as we sat there in Grammy's peaceful house, my heart was so full of love - for this woman, for the opportunity my girls have to not only know her, but to be so close to her. And for this Christmas season and the tiny Christmas tree that has brought so much joy into our lives this Christmas season. We haven't done all the things. But we've done the important things.

Three cheers for a changed year and a beautiful, simple Christmas. Merry Christmas Eve Eve y'all. :)

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