Wednesday, December 3, 2014


So this phone of mine. I take so many random photos. None of them have anything to do with the next. But all of them are my favorite. And what better place to dish out a bunch of random photos than here? :) Let's get started.

I started peeling a clementine for Belle, but she asked if she could peel it. I handed it over, and she noticed a heart! She thought that I did it on purpose, but it was a lovely accident! :) Also, I love that Grandma Lichelle face.

Oh heaven help us. These stick horses at Home Depot started it all. Lou's obsessed with horses. She's never even been on one, but she's totally obsessed. She can spot a horse toy from a million miles away. Anywhere. And she's even informed me that "Jesus really wants me to ride a horse Mommy." Oh boy.

So the girls got to be in the photo shoot for the Utah Tumbling Academy's new website (here - Annabelle's on this page (the picture next to Beginning Tumbling) and Lou's here - the goof second in line :) ). They thought they were so fancy and had the best time. Annabelle's group was composed of a few from her class as well as the next class. Those girls were doing back handsprings and the fire in Annabelle's eyes started the minute those girls started jumping around. She's got some new goals in sight. :) (Also, please observe how tall Annabelle is in the handstand. Whoa.)

And the Christmas decorations come out. I pulled them out just before we headed down to St. George for Thanksgiving, and the little kid nativity set has been played with almost constantly since. Also, I hope I always have a big ol' window with a seat in my home. It's the best play place in the world.

This so captures the essence of their personalities. Lou chose to paint on blank paper - wild and unruly. Belle went and cut out a Christmas scene and took her sweet time painting in the lines - composed and steady.

We are Home Depot's Kid Workshop's biggest fans. We went in St. George and were happily surprised to find Santa in attendance. The girls made darling little banks (where you save money for yourself and to gift) and both insisted that they show Santa their good work when they were done. I love cousin Annalise's face. This was her first foray into the Home Depot Kids Workshop world. And all that hammering and ruckus was pretty intense. 

And one more. Just because this tiny tumbler is pretty cute. :)

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eclaires said...

Love all of these, but I think my favorite might be the painting one taken from above, with its accompanying description. :)


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