Thursday, November 20, 2014

sleep sleep sleep

So apparently our kids are tired. Like all the time? I dumped all my phone's photos on to the computer and discovered so many sleeping babies. Two things:

1. When we took away Lou's sippy, she began the era of nap refusal. She will not officially nap. But she will randomly fall asleep still. In fact, when she's really tired, I just throw on Tinker Bell, scratch her back for a minute, and she's out. Just don't even suggest the word nap. Or map. Or anything resembling the word nap. If she can be tricked in to it or lulled to sleep by the car, she'll snooze. Just don't ask her to admit to it, and she'll probably conk out. (She's not at all stubborn. Why do you ask?)

2. Annabelle hasn't napped for a long time. That said, kindergarten wears her out. So much learning and playing and figuring out this whole new world of hers. She occasionally falls asleep randomly in the car and often falls asleep before the last words of the family prayer are said at night.

In any case, I love me some sleeping babies. Even when the babies aren't so much babies anymore. :) They'll always be my babies, and I'll probably be taking creepster sleeping photos of them until they move out. :)

Click here to see this same scene three years ago. I die.

Out right in the middle of reading Snowflake Bentley. We read it on the first day of snow. :)

Even vikings get tired.

Good a place as any...
I like that tiny tiny smile. 

They kind of have twin faces. Remember? :)

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