Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the hawaii twenty

So last week, our little foursome was very lucky to be counted among a rare group of 20. All related. All in Hawaii. The Cheneys descended in a storm of brown eyes (blue eyes like mine are found only in the transplants). It was the best of times. The best sand. The best food. The best sun. The best food. The best people. Just the best.

This is perhaps the most redundant phrase found on this blog - we have lots of photos. It's even worse than it used to be because now I have not only two cameras worth but also two phones. I'm sorting through them in my spare minutes, and I have so many I want to share and catalog. But for now a smattering of some of the best.

I just want to say that we were really so lucky and blessed to be there. Many (many many) thank yous to Grandma and Papa Cheney who made the trip so wonderful. There are so many memories in Maui that we will never forget. Just the best.

I bathed the girls the night before we left and put their hair in a bunch of braids.
Before landing in Hawaii, I took the braids out, and there you go. Magic hair do.
Also, on every single flight, each girl poured over the emergency pamphlets.
Pretty sure we're all ready for an emergency landing. Super.

Before we left, I picked up these two really cheap dolphins at the dollar store.
I pulled them out as we began our long flight to Hawaii
and told the girls that they were "quiet dolphins."
If they were loud or screamed or bugged people,
I'd have to take their special "quiet dolphin" away.
We're very into pretend around here, so they bought it.
Ate it up really.
Those dolphins were a hit and worked wonders the entire trip.

Not at all happy to be there!

This was taken just after church.
Note the dolphins. :)

Stay tuned. There is so much more to come. :)

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Becky Wiese said...

Our Robertson family is going to Hawaii all together this year and this blog post made me so excited for it! I hope all of our babies and kids like it as much!


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