Thursday, January 15, 2015


The spelling and the scarf (mine) and the grown up girl she's becoming.

Sometimes Lou comes with me to help in Kindergarten. She fits right in, and it is equal parts adorable and frightening. Mostly adorable though. There's something about that giant pack pack and her sister's rain boots and that happy smile with her Cheney almond eyes that makes me want to just bottle her up and save this little age. My little partner in crime.  

I'll take a nap. As long as I can take my work with me.

Sometimes you just need a churro before bed. Fact.

Mittens on feet = awesome.

Distracted by a movie at Target. She really kills me.

Farfallina? Really Kindergarten?

The only good part about going to the doctor - the germy fish tank! That and the double raging ear infections that finally got properly diagnosed and medicated. Poor baby (Lou, of course).

Sometimes (always) she builds Legos by herself. Blows our minds.

"Helping" Grandma with her pin cushions. Thank goodness someone is teaching her how to sew, because heaven knows I can't even thread a needle.

I was getting ready one morning while Lou crafted downstairs. And she came running upstairs saying, "I so ess-ited Mom! Dis is for (Uncle) Tanner!" Complete with a T on the envelope. And then she carried it around for a full day before we finally got it to him.

Annabelle's rendering of Grandma Lichelle and herself. "I drew my eyes blue like Grandma's because we look so much the same!" (Annabelle's eyes are very chocolatey brown and Grandma Lichelle's eyes are the prettiest blue, but that's basically their only difference in appearance.)

These doodle and sticker books = LIFE SAVERS when dealing with never ending illness.

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Vermont 6 said...

Oh, so fun to see your sweet little ones! They are simple adorable!!! I love that they love your mom so much - I must admit, she is pretty awesome!! You are doing a great job with your girls, what a great mom you are!!! Miss you!


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