Tuesday, January 13, 2015

it's been said

Take a seat. Grab some popcorn. I've been stock piling these. 
They are basically the funniest people I know.
All photos from January's Home Depot Kids Workshop.

Lou: I not want to be Hiccup for Halloween. I want to be naked for Halloween.
Me: Awesome.
{in reference to the actual actress on Star Trek who plays Troi}
Jess: What ethnicity is she? Where's that accent coming from?
Me: I think Greek. Or Italian? Or both?
Belle: Guys. She's half human, half betazoid!
{in reference to what the character's genetic code is}
Belle: I'm soooo hungry.
Me: Okay, what do you want to eat?
Belle: Do we have chocolate?
{I've created a monster.}
{while climbing into the Suburban we borrowed while 
waiting for our Highlander to arrive}
Lou: This thing is a beast.
{bahahaha - we were SO GRATEFUL for the beast though!}
{while having a tea party}
Belle: Would you like oil or sugar in your tea?
Lou: Both please. Would you like spicy in your tea?
{while Jess holds his head at church - he was suffering from the plague, aka a cold}
Lou, handing Jess a picture of Jesus: Here. Jesus will help you.

Me: Lou, find some shoes.
Lou: How 'bout these ones? (holds up white church sandals)
Me: No, you need something to keep your toes warm.
Lou: It'll be fine!
{after Jess hands out big ol' bags of SWAG from a convention he attended}
Belle, hugging Jess: You're the BEST daddy in THE WHOLE WORLD.
{singing The Cuckoo Song from Sound of Music}
Lou: And up in the muss-ee an a-sud little bud is plopping out to say cuckoo, cuckoo!
{while choosing a Frozen coloring page}
Lou: That one!
(I click on it)
Lou: No. That one's lame.
Lou: That railing just hit me! So I hit him!
Belle: Mom. O and K at kindergarten know how to do this: ten, twenty,
thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred! And I don't! 
Me: Hey, guess what? You just did! You counted by tens!
Belle: WHAT? I DID? When?!
{while playing with Barbies)
Lou: Look Mommy! Tink's jumping on the bed naked!
Me: Oh she needs clothes! She's so cold!
Lou: No...she's jumping on the naked bed!
{looking wistfully out the car window at her favorite restaurant}
Belle: I see Zupa's...we haven't eaten there...in like...24 days!

{Lou toots}
Me: Was that a toot?
Lou: That was four toots.
Lou: Mom, can we play with play dough?
Me: Yep, after we clean up!
Lou: I not want to play with play dough...
Lou: Watchoo eating?
Me: A Lifesaver.
Belle: Those do NOT save lives.
Lou: Watchoo eating?
Me: A cinnamon bear.
Lou: I not want one. They make my mowf too minty.
Belle: I just love nature. I want to be a nature spy.
Me: Well, that sounds awesome. What does a nature spy do?
Belle: They explore in nature and find unique things.
{after we return home from St. George, where all the aunts were}
Lou: Mom, will you put on my horse necklace?
Me: Sure, but why did you take it off?
Lou: I didn't. Kristen did.
{Aunt Kristen, who by this time is in Houston}

Me: You did so good in tumbling!
Lou: Yes! I did! I not even wiggling around!
{while we drive around looking at Christmas lights}
Lou: The lights are so colory!
Me: So do you want to come to Sissy's class with me to help?
Me: Yep, we're going to go help make crafts in kindergarten.
Me: Sure!
{five minutes later}
Lou: Mommmm. Can you not come to kindergarten with me? Can you please leave me there?
{She wants to be big so bad!}
{singing Hard Knock Life from Annie}
Belle: It's the heart of life. For us!
{as we drive past the State Liquor Store}
Lou, pointing: Mom! Dat looks fun! I wanna go in there!
{I don't even...}
Belle: I don't know where Lou came from, but it must've been a good place.
{while walking past Starbucks in Target}
Lou: Smells like poop!
{after building a Lego car by herself}
Jess: Wow! Good job Boo!
Belle: You guys. I've been dealing with Legos my whole life.
{while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas}
Lou: And a partridge in a pantry!

They earned their Super Star (for completing ten workshops)!

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eclaires said...

I LOVE that you take them to The Home Depot workshops. I'm a little jealous.

My favorite quotes:
{singing Hard Knock Life from Annie}
Belle: It's the heart of life. For us!


{after building a Lego car by herself}
Jess: Wow! Good job Boo!
Belle: You guys. I've been dealing with Legos my whole life.


{while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas}
Lou: And a partridge in a pantry!


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