Saturday, January 10, 2015


On the very last day of the year, I silently lamented to myself the fact that we hadn't made it down to Temple Square to see the lights. We'd been sick so much and it got cold so quick, it just never worked out. And then Jess randomly said, "Hey. Why don't we go down to Temple Square right now?"

So we did.

It was beautiful and freezing. We spent a bunch of time in the visitor's center, and we watched the He Is The Gift video about fifty times (me crying every dang time). It was just the perfect way to end the year. When we got home, Jess suggested we go back at night. I was like, "Um. IT'S THE NORTH POLE OUT THERE."

Found a Korean Book of Mormon for Aunt Whitney!

Side note - ever since getting my thyroid regulated, I'm so cold. Like normal cold. But before my overactive thyroid provided an excellent internal heater and I was regularly hot. But now I'm keenly aware of winter and hypothermia and HOW DO YOU ALL SURVIVE?

Anyhow, we decided we'd do it (even though we were dealing with sub freezing temperatures). We put the girls in full snow gear, plus some and waddled around Temple Square. It was of course magical. And yes freezing. But magical. We met the cutest pair of sister missionaries and soaked up the reality of the new year dawning. 

Aunt Kimmy was the only brave soul to join us.
And then she piggy backed our kids all around.
What would we do without our aunties?

Temple Square has such a good spirit floating about it. Especially with the nativities lit up under the sparkling canopy of trees. It's as though renewal and hope and the good to come sort of floats through the air there. Even the freezing air.

Welcome 2015. You're going to be a good one. I'm just sure of it. :)

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