Monday, February 16, 2015

so loved

This year, our Valentine's holiday was replete with preparations and activities. But there was one that I didn't capture on film. Er memory card? And so I want to capture it here. Because I want to remember it. Indulge me if you will. (Or if you'd rather, just scroll down for photos. :) )

We have a favorite cashier at Target - Yvonne. She's the Target grandma, and the girls love her. She squirrels away little gifts and stickers and suckers for the girls, and on holidays, she always has a little something special for them. Sometimes a few somethings. She's the old fashioned kind of cashier - the one who knows your name and how you're doing and has a special place in her heart for your little ones. When she sees us, she'll give a wave and a "Lou Louuuu!"

This year, the girls included her in the Valentine bracelet making that we do each year. And so on Valentine's Day, we stopped by Target and visited Yvonne with a little card and bracelet. Of course, Yvonne had gifts for them (although she'd already given them a gift earlier that week), and then she took each of their faces in her beautiful grandma hands, hands with wrinkles worn by a lifetime of living, and kissed them each on the forehead, her eyes squinted shut in that way we do when we're keeping emotions from slipping out. And then the girls, each in turn and without prompting, wrapped their arms around her neck and pecked her on the cheek, a kiss for Grandma Yvonne. The girls jumped up and down and yelled "Have a happy Valentine's Day Yvonne! We love you!" And Yvonne waved them goodbye, one hand wagging in the air, one over her heart.

I don't know what faith Yvonne claims or if she even claims a faith at all. But I do know this - her love is as Christlike as I've ever seen. It's not just for my girls either; she loves each and every person that walks through her line. She takes the time to talk to them - she knows their stories, their dogs. Their struggles, their dreams. She notices when you cut your hair and knows customers by name. She wants to know about your vacation and how kindergarten is going. I've watched her and listened to her and loved her for years now. And on this Valentine's Day, I watched as she loved my girls and they loved her right back. And I want to remember that - hearts full of love. No reservation, no reason to hold back. Just love. 

I feel so very blessed that my girls have so many people who love them and watch out for them. Not just Mommy and Daddy, who unabashedly love them from their tops of their heads to their tiny toes, but also aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, cousins, friends, teachers, coaches. And even their favorite cashier at Target. What a wonderful thing to be loved by so many. May they ever give their love in return.


Photos from our many Valentine's Day preparations and activities.

We didn't do candy Valentines this year.
We opted for Lou's favorite animal instead. :)

She's my favorite. :) All pink and red and Valentinesy.

Heart hair! (Thank you Pinterest.)

Lou and I got to help with the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party.
Oh the sugar and chaos. It was magical. :)

By the end of the day, they were SO WIRED.
Out of control.
So here we are watching a movie
in a desperate attempt to stop bouncing off the walls. :)

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eclaires said...

I wore my bracelet this week. :)


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