Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy heart day!

Yep. It's sort of a fake holiday, but I love it so. I don't need many excuses to buy gifts or throw parties or eat sugar. So Valentine's Day is pretty much basically the best.

Over the years, I've taken to nixing the Christmas card (because time) and sending out Valentine's cards. They've turned into some of my favorites, and this year is maybe my very favorite. Those happy faces. I cannot ever get enough of them. I know we're only two months in, but 2015 is welcome to stick around for a while. The tide has shifted - the happiness is almost tangible and those smiles are so toothy. My heart is so full.

Happy Heart Day y'all. :)

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And the outtakes - because HAPPY.


Rachel said...

Cutest girls!! I love your vday cards, such a fun tradition!

eclaires said...

I love all these shots. For some reason, I especially like the second to last one. Their faces.


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