Wednesday, June 24, 2015

it's been said

I've been storing these up for quite some time. And I'm throwing in some more random photos from the past few months as well. Get excited. Ready. Set. Go.

The dollhouse had moved upstairs during the Christmas season
(to make room for Christmasy things). When I brought it
back down, it was like a brand new toy all over again.

{just after Annabelle wakes up}
Belle, stretching: Yes!
Me: Did you have a good dream?
Belle, grinning: Yes. Carson was in it. {grins some more}
{Carson is a little friend of the boy sort she made in Hawaii.}
{Jess starts doing the dishes}
Belle: What are you doing?!
Jess: Doing the dishes...
Belle: Why? You never do the dishes!
Lou: This costume ouches me!
Lou: Stop doing my hair! It's ouching me! STOP IT!
{during family night, with the assistance of this book, highly recommend}
Me: And who were the older brothers?
Belle: Laman and Lemuel!
Lou: You mean dem cranky babies?!

Just doing some sudoku. Seriously.

Belle: Boys are different than girls. Girls do dishes and boys don't.
Belle: I'm so tired! I'm more tireder than a big ox!
Belle: row-teen = routine (in tumbling)
{after Lou gets half her mouth numbed for two cavities}
Lou: Mom. I hungry.
Me: How about some yogurt?
Lou: How about a cupcake.
Me: You can't really chew...I think a yog...
Lou: Mom! I can handle it!
{by the way, I went home and ate Cheetos directly after having 
my wisdom teeth's possible her stubborn streak comes from me...}
Lou: I smell a good sound.
{she's advanced - don't hate}
{after getting a new car seat}
Lou: When can we go in the car so I can be in my new car seat again?

Pretty sure she needs glasses. Too cute.

Lou: Where's my black bag?
Me: What black bag?
Lou: That black bag that has all my crap in it...
{describing a scene Big Hero 6}
Lou: And den the guy say, "You take everything from me! I take everything from you!"
Me: Do you think it made him feel better to be mean and yell?
Lou {thinks for a few seconds}: Mom. They just needed to share their feelings, huh.
{while watching Annabelle's tumbling class, with a dozen parents 
in earshot, in a particularly quiet moment, and totally out of the blue}
Lou: Mom? I'm giving up on you.
{Jess had been busy cleaning his side of the room for a few days. 
Belle walked in looking for something...}
Belle: Daddy, where are the special papers I draw for you...{looks around} 
Daddy! Wow! You're learning how to clean!
{I'm. Still. Laughing.}
{in the car, after a road trip}
Belle: Mom, I see Daddy's book between your seat!
Me: What book?
Belle: You know, his diabolical one!
{sudoku - and we'd been complaining about a particularly bad diabolical one, hahahaha}

On her first field trip to the zoo. Her first bus ride ever. Not at all excited.

Me: If you can't clean up these toys, I'll put them in a bag and hide them for a week.
Lou: Well...I'll just sneak them out.
{Lou wakes me up from a first trimester nap}
Lou: Mom! You need to wake up! We don't have a mommy or a daddy!
Me: Hey Lou, who do you love?
Lou: Ugh! I tired of you asking me dat! I not love anybody!
Me: Oh, that's super sad. You don't love anyone?
Lou: Ugggghhh. Fine. I love dad. But dat is all I love.
{after bonking}
Lou: I need to put a bandaid on my soul.
{whilst staring at my dying basil plant}
Annabelle: Mom, that's not looking very good. Are you watering it at all?
{ohmygosh she's her father}

It's like there's a tiny bit of baby holding on it that sleeping face.

{during dinner, which is particularly difficult for her to sit through}
Lou: I really wanna dance. So I am.
{stands up and starts dancing around the kitchen}
Belle: I gotta go poop! {goes running}
Lou: Good luck sugar cake!
{while walking into church}
Lou: Wait Daddy! I wanna be attached to you!
{she wanted to hold his hand}
Belle: Mom, is "stupid" the S word?
Me: I wish.
Belle: Hey Mom, remember Dad's old phone? It was a floppy phone.

{after dressing herself in an all pink ensemble, above}
Belle: Like my outfit? You can get it at pink dot com.
Belle: I think I want some chicken pon pon.
Me: But you didn't eat any last night? Are you sure?
Belle: Well, I was sick last night so maybe I wasn't hungry.
Me: Okay, I'll get you a few pieces to try.
Belle: I think it's because last night I drunk.
{I literally spewed what I was drinking.}
Belle: I want to do a craft Mom. Can I go on the computer and type in C-R-A-F-T? 
Will the computer know what I'm talking about?
Me, to Jess: So if you go to Wheeler Farm at 5 p.m., you can milk the cows.
Belle: Gross! I am not touching those gutters!
{in Yellowstone}
Lou: Look at the water fottle! 
{water fall, but combined with water bottle I would guess}

Snapped just as she was waking up. Pretty girl.

Me: What's your favorite thing about Yellowstone?
Lou: Bison!
Belle: The hotel!
Me: Let's go see a geyser!
Belle: No thanks. I'll just stay here and color.
{and she legitimately would have}
{just after waking up one morning in Yellowstone}
Lou: You know what's a good idea? This is a good idea.
Belle: What?
Lou, whispering: PIZZA!
{when is pizza not a good idea?}
{during her class at church, during which we were discussing feelings}
Me: Lou, have you ever felt scared? What scares you?
Lou, solemnly: When I see ghosts.
{seriously child?}
{after playing play dough - Lou starts cleaning up and Belle runs away}
Me: Thanks for cleaning up Lou!
Belle, from another room: Sorry! Well...maybe I'm not!
{but at least you're honest!}
Belle: I want a tiny pig for a pet! But when it gets big, we can just give it back...or delete it.

She was so proud that she did this by herself. Belly upside down.
Arms and legs swapped. You better believe I saved it.


Carl said...

hahaha omg I'm dying. (Riss logged in under Carl)

eclaires said...

Um, dem cranky babies
BTW, sudoku... I love it. And so not not surprised that Belle does too.
Girls do dishes and boys don't... this makes me sad to my core.
They just need to share their feelings, huh. :)
LOL...Mom? I'm giving up on you. I'm at work and I'm laughing out loud.
Daddy, wow! You're learning how to clean! Dem boys, ya know...
Sometimes, we all need bandaids on our souls. :)
Good luck sugar cake?? Where does she get this.
Pizza is almost always a good idea. It's like a bandaid for the soul.
Lou cracks me up... scared when she sees ghosts.

Love these posts.


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