Thursday, July 2, 2015



Six years ago, two dark eyes like chocolate and as old as the sea stared back into mine. Six years ago, everything in our world changed for the better. Your entrance into this world marked a better world for me and your daddy - being a part of your world has changed us. 

You are a remarkable little six year old, not so much little so much as you are tall and grown up - both in spirit and stature. Your heart continues to propel you forward in this world that sometimes makes so little sense. Your heart is such a good one - you are a kind soul, always trying to be good, always thoughtful. 

This year has been such a big year for you - so much growing up and learning, sometimes painful and sometimes exciting, but always you do it so beautifully. I'm so very proud of the little lady that you are. And most of all, I'm so grateful for the friend that you are to me. Happy birthday to the best six year old I know.


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eclaires said...

When I saw the title of this post in my feed, I thought... oh my goodness, she's having twins.


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