Monday, July 20, 2015


Lydia Lou:

My goodness. And it's happened again. We've let another year pass us by so quickly. And this year it seems that you've left any remaining parts of your babyhood behind. You are our big girl now, and you are ever so proud that you're "foe" now. You've waited so long to be "foe"! 

My Lou, you are the heart and soul of this family. Your joy is a tangible force for good, and it is amazing what a deep belly laugh from you can do. From the day you started smiling you've been that force - all the joy in the world in just a tiny body. I'm so very grateful for you my squinty eyed smiley girl. You've been my baby for so long, and for that I am also so grateful. Thank you for loving me and for teaching me so very much. I'm so very proud to be a part of your life and so lucky to be your mommy. 

Happy birthday my baby. (For just a few more months!)

All my love,

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