Friday, August 21, 2015


I'm happy to report that first grade is thus far a grand success. Annabelle loves it! Lou and I miss her terribly however. On the first day, Lou called Jess and told him I was boring, and could he come home? When Annabelle finally got home, Lou couldn't stop hugging her. Could. Not. Stop. It was my favorite.

In other news, I came down with the plague. I mentally willed myself to be healthy while in London. I forced myself to go, go, go. This was a chance of a lifetime and I wasn't going to miss a minute. But the minute we arrived home I started feeling it. And I now have one of those brutal pregnant colds that goes on for days and makes one question their ability to function on basic levels. Lou caught the bug too so we've done really good at laying around and blowing our noses for a few days.

London is still coming. I promise. But for now, I'm napping. And I leave you with this little snap. 

Because the girls are exactly two years apart, they usually get to go to their annual check up together. I snuck some pictures while they waited for the doc, Annabelle reading to tired, sick Lou. I really just love them. They take such good care of each other. And me.

So stand by. London's coming. As soon as I can focus on something beyond blowing my nose.

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