Saturday, October 31, 2015

happy due date day!

Today is your due date my little man. I should know by now that in my case, due dates are for the birds, especially due dates that fall on Halloween (yuck). I'll love you forever for NOT being born on this day, my least favorite of all the days. But on this day, your original day, these are some things I love about you, baby J. I really love...

+ How you really devour that bottle. I mean you go after it.
+ How you sleep so quietly. I have to check on you one thousand times because you're so very quiet. (Your sisters slept with snorts and growls.)
+ How if I put you up to burp or to snuggle on my chest, you must turn your head so you can see me. And then you furrow your brow when I cover your head in kisses, like you're trying to stretch for more.
+ How sometimes when you're sad (which is not often) you just want some mama snuggles. Oh how I love that you remember me from all those months in my belly.
+ How you get drowsy when we comb through your beautiful blonde hair. (Please stay hair!)
+ How you smile in your sleep, especially when you hear my voice. And how you have a dimple! Smack dab in that right cheek, the happiest surprise.
+ How I can sense the calm in you, the same calm your daddy has. 
+ How you have the same long fingers and toes as your sisters. I love that you come from the same familiar mold.
+ How you don't seem to mind the chaos of two dramatic sisters dancing around you most of the day.
+ How you coo in your sleep when I snuggle you, like a tiny monologue.
+ How patient you are, always quick to quiet down as soon as we're near.
+ How you narrow your eyes and look away when you're working on diaper business. No one needs to know.
+ How your favorite things to stare at are our travel magnet boards. I think you're studying up on all the places you'll go someday.
+ How you KNOW when you have a fresh diaper and you ALWAYS promptly drop a bomb.
+ How your legs fold up like a frog, or a very cute rotisserie chicken.
+ How you sleep with your arms up (just like your sisters). Touchdown! 
+ How your little cries sound like a baby sheep. 
+ How you scrunch up your face in distaste when we give you a binky but then take it begrudgingly. You're so patient.
+ How you felt familiar to me the moment I saw you, those feet from the inside now so very familiar on the out.
+ How impossibly lovable you are. 

Happy two weeks sweet baby boy. I love you so very much.

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eclaires said...

That smile! He's two weeks in this photo? How'd you capture that cute smile?!


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