Sunday, November 1, 2015

all dressed up

I was sitting with the girls at the Tower of London, eating some ice cream before trekking back across the bridge to our apartment. A little bribery if you will. And as the pigeons swooped down around us, gathering bits of old food, I asked the girls what they'd want to be for Halloween. Annabelle had several ideas (flamingo, Maria from Sound of Music, Eep from the Croods movie, etc.) but Lou had just one. "I wanna be a pigeon!"

You see, the pigeons of London were some of Lou's very best friends. She chased them around that town for weeks, and when others did the same, she chased after them, telling them to be nice to her pigeons. Apparently only she was allowed to terrorize them. She loved the white pigeons, however, and would always move reverently around them.

So of course she wanted to be a pigeon. Over the next few months, I kept working on ideas with the girls, and Lou never wavered. She'd be a pigeon and she'd walk "like this," she'd say, while crouching down and doing her best pigeon imitation.

Her costume is made from swan wings (Target), a feather boa (Zurcher's), and clothes from her closet. And I think it's the most magnificent thing in the world. She was so very proud of her pigeon get up, and we just love that she isn't afraid to be Lou. Or a pigeon.

Annabelle took some time to decide. It was fairly agonizing for her. But then we watched the new Cinderella movie, and she was sold. She wanted to be "the new Cinderella." Thanks to China, I scooped up a "new Cinderella dress" on ebay for $15, found her some sparkly shoes, and we were set. She was so proud of the way it twirled and how she looked "just like the new Cinderella." And indeed, isn't she beautiful? And so very grown up?

This is what happened when I told him the ferengi were coming.
#trekkie #nerdalert #proudofit
And don't forget little J. Say hello to our very own Captain Jean-Luc Picard. My sister (also a Trekkie like Jess and me) sent me this onesie before he was born. And how I hoped it would be a boy and that he would be early so he could be Captain Picard for Halloween. I assumed either way, I'd have a bald baby so girl or boy, Picard it would be. But then he came out with hair. No matter - he rocked that Picard costume like nobody's business.

All in all, another successful Halloween. What cracks me up every year is I really hate this holiday, yet every year it gets more fun with these babies around. The pictures below are from all the festivities, including a parade at Lou's school and the traditional visit to Grammy.

If it seems like Lou is never in photos with baby J, you would be correct.
In the two weeks he's been home, she's had two illnesses. One of the barf variety.
She's basically going to spend the next six months quarantined.

Outfit number two after a certain sir blew out of the first one.
Thank goodness for kind friends and their cute Halloween outfit gifts.


littlered said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is basically amazing!!!! Hahahahaha!
I LOVE that Lou stuck to the pigeon idea.
How beautiful is that little grown up Belle.
The pictures with Gram- oh my heart! That makes me SO happy.
And little Jess- oh heaven help him.... hahahah that onsie is hilarious. So awesome!

eclaires said...

Okay, as you know Halloween is not my favorite day of the year either. At. All. However, if I had a pigeon in my house who looked like Lou, of COURSE I'd start liking Halloween a little more! Seriously, that girl. And that costume! That pigeon warms my heart. And for the record, I dislike pigeons just about as much as I dislike Halloween. :)


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