Wednesday, November 4, 2015

worth the wait

I really don't even know how to start about this little man. For years I've been so afraid to have a boy. Such unknown territory. Not to mention diaper changing procedures. But I can't get over how he fits in my heart and my arms as if he's always been there. I know that in comparison to many of you, our wait to get this baby is a mere fraction of time, but it was longer than I thought I'd have to wait. However, in so many ways, the waiting - the storing up giant wells of love and patience and hope and anticipation - the waiting is what solved my worries. Turned them into hope. And hope has big brown/blue eyes that stare right through me.

This time around, I knew more what to expect in recovering. And although I still beat myself up a little bit about what I am or am not doing "right" or "wrong," for the most part, I've been able to sit and stare and soak up the smell of baby. (What is that smell really? Magic? Pixie dust?) I still have the major hormonal swings of a post pregnant woman, but in the down swings, I remember the up swings, how five minutes ago my heart was about to burst with all the happiness.

He's been here for two and a half weeks. And it seems simultaneously like forever and just a minute. He is absolutely everything we needed exactly when we needed him. God's timing in this one has been impeccable - of course it has been - and I'm so incredibly grateful for the years I waited and hoped and believed in a baby. He is all of those wishes and hopes in a tiny, cooing body. He is everything. And we are so happy he's here. 

This is just a bunch of photos taken during his first few weeks. I realize blogging is on its way out, but I sure use this blog for nostalgia's sake. So photo dump it is. And yes, he looks very much like his sisters plus some hair on his head. And face. And back. Hairy little man. :)

As my babies do, J got to spend some time on the bilirubin lights.
We anticipated the nightmare we experienced with the girls -
a screaming baby and the inability to do anything about it.
Nope. Not this dude. If he could have an arm (or two) out
he did. not. care. Slept the jaundice away, lickety split.

I know. I know. He's six days old here. And already loving that daddy.

She is everything that big sisters are made of.

Can I have ten of him?

I was graciously gifted a bunch of clothes from a friend.
This shirt was among them.
She had no idea how appropriate it is for this little family.

The dimple makes its appearance.
And now we're all dead.
Oh my he's the cutest.


Riss said...

Cutest little bugaboo.

Julie Anderson said...

I just have to say I was a little shocked when I ran into Rissa and she told me that you had your baby....a baby BOY! He is so handsome and your girls are just beautiful. So happy for you and your cute family.


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