Saturday, April 4, 2009

bake on high for twenty five weeks

So I’ve definitely “popped” since you last saw me.

I’ve now reached the point in my pregnancy where strangers look at me and smile, particularly those who are carrying small children, because I’m sure they’re thinking, “Hee hee. Mine’s out, hers isn’t. Nah nah nah.”

Previously, I’d just get these looks that quite plainly said, “Oh, is she...I can’t tell…hmmm…maybe not. Maybe she’s just been to Waffle House a few times too many.”

And the people here are so very sweet. Cashiers and strangers alike are always asking me how “we” are doing, with a gentle nod of the head to my baby house. I always tell them we’re doing great. And we are. Especially the smaller of the two. That one seems to have found a really cozy bed. IN MY BLADDER.


jaesi said...

25 weeks looks good on you. and your hair is so long and lucious!
Im jealous of any sort of great hair....even 1980s David Bowie.

The Harrises said...

Well, you two are doing well and looking cute. Sorry about the bladder, but have you had the rib cage cramping thing yet?


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