Wednesday, July 8, 2009

daddy's little girl

So Jess was almost certain that we were having a boy. When I'd try to discuss baby girl names, I'd get little to no response because he was pretty sure there was no point. I thought she was probably a boy just because I wanted a girl so bad. While I was in labor, I told him that he wasn't allowed to "cheat," that given the fact I was doing the hard part of pushing a human out of my body, he couldn't look at the "parts" until I could too. Her actual delivery happened quick (although labor was long and induced), and when she made her appearance, my doctor carefully turned her around so we could see together. We scanned for parts among the mess of goo and her umbilical cord, a look of shock passed over Jess' face, and I yelled, for the entire hospital to hear, I'm told, "HA! It's a girl!"

Little Annabelle had some trouble breathing when she first arrived (we think she swallowed some fluid on the way out), so after I got a quick hold, and a tiny fist grabbed my finger tight, they wisked her across the room where a team of nurses and specialists started working on her. Jess and I just stared. I kept asking if she was okay. My doctor kept assuring me she was. She looked at Jess and saw his concern and told him to go to her. I was still "afterbirthing," but I shooed him away to be with our baby girl.

And in those moments, as he stood next to the crib of his new baby girl struggling to find air, I saw him melt. His eyes were filled with concern and love. I could see him wanting to reach out and touch her, just as I did from across the room. She has become his love. He thought he needed a boy, but suddenly the last thing he ever expected has become his greatest joy. It's the most wonderful thing to be a part of, to witness my husband's love smother our baby every morning. He doesn't ever want to leave because he'd rather just stare at her.

When we got home from the hospital, he scooped her out of her cramped carrier, wrapped her up, and disappeared into the bedroom. I found them sleeping soundly, his arm around his beautiful baby girl. It's impossible to not fall in love with little Annabelle. And her daddy, the daddy who was sure he needed his boy, is completely and utterly in love with this perfect little girl.


The Harrises said...

I had heard the good news from Brooke---I now know I need to be up to date with texting so that I could hear a little quicker, but with moving, I'm not sure things would have changed much.

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! You are two proud parents. I love the name and I am so excited to meet her. Enjoy your time.

jaesi said...

adorableness. Theres nothing like a little girl.....

HA!...hilarious :)


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