Friday, August 6, 2010

for those of you

For those of you (like Annabelle) who could eat garlic with every meal, try Kraft's 100 Calorie Pack Mozzarella, Garlic, and Herb Cheese Bites (holy mouthful). I'm a huge fan of these little portioned bags of garlic goodies, both because they're ridiculously good and because they're great to throw in the diaper bag. (Assuming they'll be consumed relatively soon. It's possible that they melt into a nice ball of garlic cheese if you forget about them and the summer heat won't leave you alone. Possible.)

For those of you are obsessed with looking at other people's baby nurseries (BECAUSE YOU NEVER GOT TO HAVE YOUR OWN), check out Tiffani Thiesen's. (And don't even pretend like you don't know who she is. And don't even pretend that you haven't watched every single episode.) I think it's perfectly beautiful, especially since I'm kind of obsessed with the bird idea for a nursery (we finally assembled Belle's crib, which features some tweet tweet bedding). I have every intention of someday copying her sweet ideas (because I'm way too cheap to actually purchase anything from her "coming soon" baby line, Petit Nest.)

For those of you looking to become intoxicated by a brownie, try My Kitchen Cafe's Andes Mint Brownies. I bought Andes baking bits, and they melted up throughout the brownies, which was delicious although they didn't form the crust that her chopped up Andes mints made. These brownies are lovely, dense, hunks of minty chocolately goodness. Good thing I'm in a committed relationship with my muffin top because these brownies are making sure its here to stay.

And for those of you who can't remember how to put your clothes on, a few handy photos to assist you...


Riss said...

I love how she's still wearing her shoes. :)

Kirsti said...

Oh, so that's how you get your pants on when you've forgotten not to leave your shoes for last! (I hate it when I do that.) Good to know.


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